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  1. This has been around for years! I think it is number of seconds since the epoch in 1970 or something like that.
  2. Yeah it seems this is the way to go, I was just hoping somebody had done this already 🙄 I have tested both using an SSH console into a cRIO VM and they do seem to work.
  3. As per this KB it is no longer possible to retrieve the memory usage using the System Session property nodes. Considering the Linux implementation is several years old already this seems like quite an oversight but not something NI seems terribly worried about. The solution proposed in the KB seems quite incomplete. Strangely, NI do have a way to get this info as it is reported in MAX Does anyone have a solution for this?
  4. You can add text labels to a dial. It does not turn it into an enum but sort of works like you would expect (change the data type to U8).
  5. Not exactly LabVIEW related, but an interesting related read anyway. How Diablo was reverse engineered.
  6. As a lefty, don't even get me started on can openers.
  7. Turns out there is a way to do it from within the IDE without mucking about with copying files etc (100% not obvious though). I stumbled on this totally epic write up/demo by Matthias Baudot. https://www.studiobods.com/en/niweek2019-ts170/
  8. Not sure if this is the right place for this, so mods please feel free to move if it is not. I have just started to play around with the Web Module in NXG 4.0. There are quite a few tutorials around, but (unless I have missed something) all of them seem to gloss over the task of getting a trivially simple web VI actually running locally. After a bit of head scratching I did manage to get something up and running eventually, but have a question which is hopefully simple for anyone who has used the Web Module. When running the web VI inside the NXG IDE, is there anything actually hosting it? In other words can I visit some address from my web browse to see it running while I am developing it? Or do I have to build (i.e. turn into html and JS) and then copy the files manually to my NI Web Server directory?
  9. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about a language (😉) somebody comes and shows you otherwise 😲
  10. Anybody got anything older than this video about LabVIEW 5.0?
  11. You are not alone Cat. I got a similar error and after battling with NIPM for a weeks or so gave up and just used a different computer. I was getting a similar error message which is totally nuts as it was also for the offline installer.
  12. Yes this is bad news indeed. The forum channel is full of angry customers. For what it's worth I have managed to import several repositories from Bitbucket into github using the github import, but it failed for me when I had 2FA turned on in Bitbucket.
  13. I don't actually need the large memory support at this point, but feel it is getting close to calling time on 32 bit applications. I have been dabbling with LV2019 64 and so far it does what I need but admittedly I have not needed to interface with any hardware yet apart from a GigE camera.
  14. @Rolf Kalbermatter my brain was clearly running badly when I typed that we needed LV2018, what I actually meant to say was the 64 bit LV was required. 🤐 I say this as it is my understanding the Tensorflow DLL is strictly 64 bit. Do you suppose it would be possible to use 32 bit LV if going via the Python route?
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