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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles, this does happen. One thing worth checking (as this has bit me many times) is dead/broken/old code in Diagram Disable Structures. Symptoms are like you noticed, running in the IDE is fine, but often the builder will just not cope. Often the dead code in a DDS is old and contains invalid enums or old versions of classes etc. Really funky things seem to happen.
  2. It seems there was no Discord server for LabVIEW. Well, that has all changed. DM if you are interested in joining. It is open to anyone interested, but I don't want to post the link as I have no idea how to deal with spam/bots!
  3. Sure, but I still don't see the point as you could just keep the variant in the feedback node (and this VI is accessible by all processes) . What does adding it to a single element queue do?
  4. I guess there is much more code and it makes sense when looking at the bigger picture, but with this snippet I don't really get this. Why bother with making a single element queue the reference of which your store in the feedback node. Why not just store the variant itself? (using the feedback node?)
  5. What you have made looks great, and I absolutely commend your effort. But, I think the area of the shaded part of the Venn diagram that consists of people willing to pay for LabVIEW and want to get into Deep Learning using a new and paid for toolkit is a number approaching machine epsilon. NI has abandoned Academic institutions and is introducing a new licensing model that is predatory and harmful to the long term viability of LabVIEW. It breaks my heart...
  6. Sometimes some weird locking of classes/libraries can occur if you dont perfectly close all opened resources. Totally off-topic, why do you have a reference to the class and also the class object itself? I see you don't actually do anything with this cluster so it could be throw-away code, was just curious about your use case.
  7. I definitely can echo what @JKSHsaid. Several years ago I implemented a data dashboard with WebVI tech (in NXG) and the overall experience was so painful I will never try it again.
  8. Remaking an image editor sounds like a fun weekend project if there is beer involved. But I suspect the end result would be throwaway code! I totally agree with you pushing back on this requirement, it sounds like the potential for massive feature creep. Sorry, I do not know any .net or similar toolkits to embed into a LabVIEW application. Maybe there is some javascript implementation you can embed using a web-browser frame thingy (like https://paint.js.org/) ?
  9. 😂 The glass is definitely half-full
  10. I guess this was the extremely ambitiously engineered greening of National Instruments into NI.
  11. @sprezzaturon it does not really make sense to compare LVOOP to a FGV, they are totally different concepts. Pure LVOOP by itself does not give you any kind of parallel access, enum action driven shift-register type actions you will be used to with an AE. (and a AE is just a FGV with some methods). I think a more apt comparison is to compare an AE to say some kind of Actor (or parallel process etc)
  12. Maybe completely unrelated, but I had a similar issue some time ago. I had some software which just did not run on a certain PC, it gave some weird error message. The error was actually in the LabVIEW "Mean.vi" which is part of the advanced analysis libraries. See this thread for my post. To cut a long story short, I had to add a setting to my PC environment variables. Doing so allowed the Math Kernel libraries to work with my CPU. Something similar to this. MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE=4
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