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  1. Neil Pate

    Am I going crazy

    Unfortunately I cannot share the whole project but I will see if I can trim out the broken bit and escalate. At the moment that particular VI is reliably broken, if I take out the "Always Copy" it still shows the weird behaviour, so at least it is consistent.
  2. Neil Pate

    OPC UA experience

    For one of my projects that used OPC-UA I had probably 500 different nodes in the system. I did not really want to handle the data read using a case structure with 500 cases, so I went 100% down the route of name based lookup data structure implemented using Variant Attributes. I managed to extend this to a tree based system data viewer and configurable data logger, without ever actually using explicit node names (well, not perfectly but close enough). For the most part I did not have to fight with OPC-UA, it just worked.
  3. Neil Pate

    OPC UA experience

    I used the same client from United Automation to test out my OPC-UA server, it works nicely. How do you plan on integrating that with the rest of your application though?
  4. Neil Pate

    Am I going crazy

    This is LV2015 SP1 (not too sure the patch). I suspect the moment I start to chop things out to isolate the problem will just go away. Will try this when I get a moment.
  5. Neil Pate

    Am I going crazy

    The Status.Playback.Position field is not being updated correctly. Works fine if I replace the input with a constant ? Also works fine if I do some IPE "mark as modifier" trickerey.
  6. Neil Pate

    OPC UA experience

    No, I didn't raise it with them at the time as I was a bit too busy trying to finish the project and then forgot about it.
  7. Neil Pate

    OPC UA experience

    I have used the NI OPC-UA toolkit in a bunch of projects. Both as a client and server. Had an issue with an earlier version of the toolkit (2015) where it was not working correctly with authentication, but NI released a patch for that. The only other strange thing is that the client (or server, cannot remember which it is) does not support Data Change events, so you have to poll. Oh yes the other weird thing is that when you do get a Data Change event you get the data coming in as a variant, but unlike regular variants this one seems to know nothing about its own type. This actually caused a bit of drama for me but managed to find a work-around as the data change event does actually include the type, so I was able to shove it back into the variant.
  8. Neil Pate

    PCIe-1477 / serial communication

    Sure he can, I just prefer these days to no output the duplicate object if it is guaranteed to be never modified inside the method.
  9. Neil Pate

    PCIe-1477 / serial communication

    I only asked because a few years ago I decided to change how I write classes. Methods that do not modify the data do not have the output class. See http://www.walkingthewires.com/2016/02/15/just-passing-through/ I really like this technique as to me as a developer it conveys intent to somebody else looking at the code. From a higher level it shows that the method does not modify any private data in the object.
  10. Neil Pate

    PCIe-1477 / serial communication

    Totally off-topic, why would you "re-set" the session reference?
  11. Neil Pate

    The State of OpenG (is OpenG Dead?)

    I still use a few OpenG VIs in most of my projects. Things like fit to decoration, some array stuff, INI file stuff. I consider the library to be mature, not dead, but do not really expect any more updates on current gen.
  12. Neil Pate

    How to delete phantom controls from a TypeDef

  13. Neil Pate

    How to delete phantom controls from a TypeDef

    Amazing, thank you for the tip. Certainly easier than the way I do it using VI server when I accidentally hide an element of a cluster! Has this been in LabVIEW all along and I just never knew about it?
  14. Neil Pate

    LAVA Server Maintenance This Weekend (11\03\18)

    OK, signed in and out a few times and everything seems normal. Thanks for the upgrade Michael, I like the new look ?
  15. Neil Pate

    LAVA Server Maintenance This Weekend (11\03\18)

    Using the normal login, not Facebook. Just doing this now from my android phone and it did not show any error. I will try your suggestion when I get back to my PC.

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