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  1. Just did the same test with LV2019 32-bit and it works fine on the other PC. 🥵 Also works fine in a VM so I guess its probably something borked on the PC. Time to reinstall the OS (as obviously NI Package manager refuses to cooperate and now I have a bunch of orphaned software).
  2. Seems there is a modern version of Dependency Walker called Dependencies, see it here: https://github.com/lucasg/Dependencies Running this does not show any problems with my DLL and if I hover over the BLASPACK DLL it gives me a popup confirming my suspicion that it is delay loaded. So weird...
  3. Tried Dependency Walker (which I cannot say I really totally understand) and it looks like it is looking for LV18000_BLASLAPACK.DLL which I have located and tried copying to the directory holding the analys.dll, still no luck. I don't know what the hourglass next to this DLL is, maybe it means lazy-loaded?
  4. I am pulling my hair out over this one...I am trying to run a LV2019 64-bit application as an executable on another PC. I have done all the normal things I do like install the runtime engine etc, but as soon as any of my code contains any VI which calls into lvanlys.dll I get the following error. This is the code: I have done everything I can think of including re-installing the runtime engine, creating an installer from the build PC, copying all DLLs from the Runtime directory to the application data directory etc, none of this works. This is just a regular PC, the only thing that is a bit out of the ordinary is that it does not have internet access, but surely this is not the cause? Could it be related to 64-bit? Anyone else seen this in 2019 64-bit?
  5. Bump to this. Still present in 2019 🤮 Mandatory LabVIEW.ini keys DragAutoWire=False LiveDrag=False
  6. Tried that in my original test, still did not work.
  7. Tried that, no dice. The file read returns an empty string.
  8. The confusing thing is the file read does work, but only if I read it as lines instead of characters.
  9. This works fine for what I need, just a way of displaying the memory. I am too lazy to convert the string into a number (or rather I don't know if the units are always kB). Linux RT Memory Usage.vi
  10. Well that is not what I expected! Any ideas why reading just a pure string did not work?
  11. This has been around for years! I think it is number of seconds since the epoch in 1970 or something like that.
  12. Yeah it seems this is the way to go, I was just hoping somebody had done this already 🙄 I have tested both using an SSH console into a cRIO VM and they do seem to work.
  13. As per this KB it is no longer possible to retrieve the memory usage using the System Session property nodes. Considering the Linux implementation is several years old already this seems like quite an oversight but not something NI seems terribly worried about. The solution proposed in the KB seems quite incomplete. Strangely, NI do have a way to get this info as it is reported in MAX Does anyone have a solution for this?
  14. You can add text labels to a dial. It does not turn it into an enum but sort of works like you would expect (change the data type to U8).
  15. Not exactly LabVIEW related, but an interesting related read anyway. How Diablo was reverse engineered.
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