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  1. They are just the dialogues indicating what is happening, no user interaction is required. The first dialogue is Package Manager and the next one is all the RTE stuff.
  2. I have a legacy application I am updating to use LV2019. It has an installer for the application which installs the run-time engine and the application itself (and a bunch of other stuff). This is done using InnoSetup and not NI's installer creator. Previously, I was able to run the RTE install in totally silent mode where no popups or anything came up on the screen, I would like to do the same thing but cannot use the same parameters as 2019 uses the new NIPM format. I can get the installer to run through from start to finish with no user interaction using: install.exe --passive --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot However during install it pops up its own dialogue. Does anyone know how I can suppress this dialogue?
  3. Indeed. In my circumstance though, I don't really care too much for the output, I have some downstream code that waits a bit and checks for correct generation of a PDF file I am creating.
  4. @Brainiac did you solve this in the end? The code below shows how I do it, this works completely fine for me on Windows 7..10. The Generation Batch File is the complete path on disk, I don't use the Working Directory input.
  5. Now that you mention it, I recall a work around I had to put in place some time ago on a touch screen only application. Sometimes my custom dialogs got hidden behind the main panel, the way we solved it in the end (ugly but worked), was just to periodically force all the dialogs to be on top. Each dialogue type actor was responsible for getting itself on top. Not pretty...
  6. James, not exactly solving your problem, but... What I usually do is only make the dialogs modal during exe building (i.e. set their FP property in the build only). This prevents the issue of things being hidden behind other things and locking the developer out of LabVIEW.
  7. Looks like you might have a space between the \ and the c in your string
  8. The DMA FIFO is silly fast if configured correctly. I have used it in a VST to losslessly stream (continuously for tens of hours) something on the order of several GB/s to disk. That was using PXI, and not myRIO though. Don't forget, the host (RT) is actually the place where data gets buffered, and this is where you can make a nice big buffer. You don't really need a big buffer on the FPGA, you just need to make sure you read from the host buffer fast enough. As Tim_S said, do the trick where you read zero samples, this will return no data but will give you the number of samples actually available.
  9. Getting absoerrorlog.txtlutely nowhere with this. Reinstalled my OS, managed to install LV2019, now cannot install any RT stuff. Package managed is choking on NI-Serial. ===== 2019-Aug-12 22:44:11.734283 ===== Exception in ni::pkgclient::TransactionBase::StartInternal. Error code: -125083 Request type: 30 -125083: An error occurred while installing a package: ni-serial-runtime ( File: source\nipkg_client\pkgclient\PluginInteraction.cpp Line number: 237 Additional error information: -125530: An error occurred while installing the MSI at 'serialRuntime64.msi'. File: p:\AST\PackageManagement\components\nipkg\trunk\19.0\source\shared_agents\WinInstall/ErrorHandler/ErrorInfo.h Line number: 111 Anybody know what these error codes mean?
  10. You can programmatically colour decorations. The tricky bit is getting a reference to them, as you cannot just look them up by name. What you can do though is figure out their UID and then operate on them by using this number. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to access them via their index position in the Decorations array, the order frequently changes and will cause very subtle coloring bugs in your code!
  11. Thanks Tim, the problem is I cannot even install the stuff in the first place! NI Package Manager is not my favourite piece of software at the moment...
  12. Some good stuff there, $15 gets you everything. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/data-analysis-machine-learning-books?partner=gamefromscratch
  13. I really am not a fan of the new NI Package Manager. Having so much drama with it across multiple computers. Cannot install the Vision Development Module 2019, the installer just closes soon after starting, no error messages or anything. Staring Package Manager directly gives this error: Anybody else having issues?
  14. Drat, still not having any luck with this. I am going to see if this works in a VM.
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