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  1. You may use Notepad++ that support C++ syntax.
  2. I vote for LVOOP. A while ago on LAVA, AQ has recomanded this Book as a good start to learn OOP. After reading it cover to cover I can just agree with him.
  3. I do. However, I am using Chrome (not in the list of the supported browser) I've tried with Firefox 3.0.7 and it seems to be supported.
  4. If it's a timing issue, it can vary depends on the hardware. Look at this Knowledge Base document.
  5. I agree with this. Your problem was to have somebody bother you and apparently, you fix it. Now you fill bad. You can see that as a problem an try to find a way to fix it (what you actually did here), but the guy is not necessarily in the solution. If he is unhappy, HE have to find is own solution for that. That said, I'm not a specialist.
  6. This is my best. And Jing do a pretty good job. If you like trouble you can take a picture with your cell phone and email it for few $$.
  7. What is the error? Can you describe your problem with more details. Normally, with VISA, you should see no difference betweew USB-RS232 and other RS-232 port.
  8. Character 0xB0 should work to display "°". Right click on your String control and select "Hex Display" Enter "B0" then switch it back to normal display.
  9. Start by download and review the LabVIEW Driver for the 331E or 331S Edit: François beat me up
  10. Base on NI warning, I suggest OOPS... I did it again!
  11. Nice. It look better now. Any idea about my old post lost?
  12. No chance. I've deleted cookies and sign out but still the same as soon as I sign in (I've also tried another computer). But I noticed that I'm now in the Administrator group. After this post, I will sign out, and clear all the cache and I will come back as a guess only until you tell me to try again. I'm using Google Chrome 2.0, Win XP SP3. Other topic: With the new LAVA 2.0 I've changed my displayed name. It is the resons I lost my post count?
  13. I'm still in Lo Fi... Something else to do once it fix?
  14. (beer)* for TobyD for your reply (beer) (beer) for Michael for fixing it. * I'm not sure if I can do emoticons in Lo Fi. Actually I dont want to know since it will be fix soon!
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