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  1. Hello Everyone, This is my first post in this community. I am also very new to labview. I apologize in advance for my elementary understanding. I am currently writing a program in which I am using FPGA on my NI cRIO9045 to output analog signals (AO NI 9263) to a programmable pump. I am inputting very specific custom waveforms into the system and would like to output a voltage waveform to the pump corresponding to the input. Currently, my Host VI sends over an excel waveform input as a double shared variable array to my RT VI. My RT VI isolates each individual value in the array and delays the output of the value to the FPGA based on the frequency desired for the waveform. I am currently using a timed loop in the RT. I am sending over the data points periodically to the FPGA using the Read/Write Control. Considering that latency and throughput both matter for my application, should I use this function or should I switch to DMA FIFO. The smallest wait time I am establishing on the RT between each data point is 500 microseconds. Should I be concerned about using this function considering that my loop iteration time is 500 microseconds when I am using a 1MHz timed loop clock. For data acquisition, would you recommend that I use DMA FIFO considering latency doesn't really matter? I appreciate all your help!
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