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  1. @hooovahh Hi,

    Somehow, I have Array VIMS installed on my computer, the latest version here on LAVA CR is, I can't quite remember where I found

    Has it been publish and them removed or is it just well hidden?


    Edit :

    Ha, I see it comes as a dependency of the Tremendous TDMS package

  2. Funny enough I've seen the opposite situation where an alliance partner company has been using NI HW+LabVIEW for years (rather successfully) and a new CTO was hired to give a new dynamic to the company, but he (the new CTO) thinks NI HW is too expensive and LabVIEW is slow and unstable by nature and definitely not a good tool for any industrial application ; so the lad is slowly but surely pushing his team to use some "real programming language".

    I was wondering if anyone has seen similar situations?

  3. AQ, I fully agree with hooovahh, if the event's point was to convey the message you summed up in a few lines, then I think it failed to be clear - didn't fail to be loud though. (side note : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx7v815bYUw)

    Maybe we, LAVA people, are just a bunch of nerds who are too focused on technical none-sense to understand anything about corporate strategy. Aren't we obtuse.

    Anyway, thank you for cutting through the marketing blur and explaining with direct language.

  4. 9 hours ago, Niatross said:

    Personally, I don't mind the logo, or the colour scheme. I prefer the old colours and logo, but no one likes change do they

    What I resented a little bit is that the webcast has been promoted for about a month, promising 'something extraordinary'

    In my opinion what was delivered wasn't extraordinary, it was 50 minutes of my life that I won't get back. It offered no value to NI's customers, brought no knew knowledge to the table and just felt like was repeatedly been hit in the face with a PR and marketing hammer.

    There isn't a problem promoting the amazing things people do with LabVIEW, but it doesn't need such a song and dance. I would have preferred to have seen an open discussion about this 100 year plan that NI mentioned, what areas they are going to focus on in the coming years, how they are planning the transition between current gen and NXG LV.

    A lot of our careers are pretty heavily tied to NI, we aren't impressed by marketing hot air, we just want to be efficiently kept in the loop regarding what NI is doing and how it is going to affect our companies. (I say 'we', that's my opinion, but I would be surprised if I was the only one who thought this)

    I completely agree.

    New CEO, new start, new world, new logo, new slogan. Good, that's the life of a large company trying too keep up with evolution. Hope it works.

    Something "extraordinary"... either I need to get a new dictionary or they do.

  5. 9 hours ago, Neil Pate said:

    I am a bit late to the Map party. I love them though, thanks NI. 🤩

    For those that have not tried them, take a quick look. I have only used the Map a few times (so cannot comment on Sets) but the API is nice and simple. Goodbye Variant Attributes 🙂


    Jump into sets, they're great as well and they can be combined with maps!

    I rarely use 1D arrays anymore!

  6. Ok, thanks for details.

    I will have between 1 and 5 clones of a dqmh module that send strings to different database via tcp or http, the strings can be large thus why I compress, but each module will only send a string every 1 to 10 seconds so, you're right, I probably wouldn't see much/any difference.

  7. Quote

    So I have been trying to think of a way to attempt to allocate a very large string with a graceful way to fail if there is not enough memory.   Has anyone else found a way to do this?

    I have not.

    Last I faced a similar case a few years ago (on a 32-bit Windows), after some discussion with the users we agreed to check the file size before loading it and if it was larger than 400Mb the soft would reject the load request with a nice message telling the user to use another soft that would split the large file in several 400Mb files.

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