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  1. VIs from DSC / user management let you check the user/group of currently connected user and based on that you can decide to do anything you wish, refuse keyboard entry, value change on controls, etc...

    To be clear, I'm not saying you should use the DSC module, I'm simply saying it could be used also to do that.

    Now... do you already have a licence for it? If not, just implement your own user management.

    If yes, not too fast, using it requires to understand how it stores the information about the domain (groups/users) etc.

  2. In the past I used the DSC module from NI, it lets you create groups and users in those groups, then in any VI of your project you can hide front panel elements based on groups.

    There is a palette with a few VIs to list / change users.

    Pretty handy, and if you change user during execution, automagically LabVIEW handles the rules that you defined.

    You can't change changes "rules" during execution.


    DSC module is Windows only.

    edit : a runtime is needed for deployed EXEs, I'm pretty sure the runtime is free, at least it was in the past.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Reds said:

     I would be real curious to know what percentage of active participants on this site only found out about it via the the old info-LabVIEW listserv.

    I'm one of those.


    How would a brand new LabVIEW developer find or know about this site? Google? What are the odds that this site ranks better than ni.com in Google? Pretty much zero I would think.

    I'm not sure how young lads do their internet search but if you look-up "labview forum" LAVA is in the top 3

  4. 4 hours ago, JKSH said:

    The Web Module is fine for making very basic, static dashboards. But if you want to do anything complex/interactive/dynamic, you'll need to delve into HTML + CSS + JavaScript.

    I think it’s a pattern at NI, only scratching the surface.

    lots of products or support for standards are superficial. They exhort us to engineer ambitiously because they don’t.

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  5. Yep, I remember when Tim Dehne left NI, rumor I heard at the time was he wanted to become CEO and understood he would never make it, then left.
    Indeed it took a long time for Dr T to retire.

    But hey, pretty sure the rumor was not the full story, so many VPs were competing for that.

  6. If I remember well, windows 10 iot was the default option with the industrial computer from Advantech, at least that's what the reseller told me.

    We ordered one to try (with a return option if it didn't work), we tested for a few days, we were happy.

    We were only interested in in having something that worked like windows 10, came pre-installed and didn't have all the media/game nonsense that comes on "normal" computers.

  7. Well "good option" is a bit broad... it was great for my application

    There production line was producing 60 part par minute

    There were 3 C-Link camera, therefore 2 PCIe-1430 frmaegrabbers

    Each cam was acquiring 10 images of each part

    The time available for image acquisition + processing was ~800ms so the acquisition was done in parallel to the processing for each camera.

    At the time (3 years ago almost) we were getting the most powerfull IPC-720 available with 32Gb of RAM and Windows 10 IOT.


    The application did not require fanless or RT and it was working 24/7.


    We also had similar application with GigE cameras but I never liked GigE.

  8. Indeed the IC line of product was supposed to stand between the cRIO and PXI in term of perf - without offering the modularity that cRIO and PXI offer of course, but for Vision application it was ok with usb3 and GigE.

    But even then, the perf was disappointing for heavy vision application. I use to use Advantech IPC range, updated every 6 month with new CPUs etc.


    Supporting 3rd party hardware with NI Linux RT would probably require a huge effort for NI, not sure they're ready for that.

    And where NI is disappointing me a bit more is by not telling us what their plan is for Hardware between cRIO and PXI, at least if they were to say they are only going to maintain cRIO and PXI in the future at least we'd stop hopping a find a different solution.

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