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  1. I think you find it all on NI's ftp website : http://download.ni.com/support/daq/pc/ni-daq/
  2. Antoine Chalons

    Binary thershold like Vision Assistant

    I think you have to display the result of the threshold as an overlay on the original image, I guess this is what they do. Have you checked at the examples in LabVIEW, I think there is one that does that. Help > Find examples... > then search for threshold
  3. Qualimatest is looking for a senior LabVIEW developer, see more here. Edit : the job offer is only published on the french section of the website, if you select german or english, the site will say that there is no open position. There are 2 open positions only one for a LabVIEW developer, though and only on the french page.
  4. You are welcome, this llb is indispensable for scripting and can also help for UI management
  5. Antoine Chalons

    PCIe-1477 / serial communication

    I don't have a good answer to that question so I'm not going to make up a bad one. It's completely unnecessary.
  6. Antoine Chalons

    PCIe-1477 / serial communication

    Here is an example of how I set the exposure time on a basler camera (Beat 4000-62km) Hope this helps
  7. Antoine Chalons

    PCIe-1477 / serial communication

    Hi Jim, I've used this framegrabber in the past (and similar one like PCIe-1430 and 1433). Just to be clear, the serial communication goes through the CameraLink cables and can only be used to read/write settings on the camera. And as far as I know the only way to use this communication is by using the VI from the NI-IMAQ sub palette "Camera Control" and these VIs come as part of Vision Acquisition Software. It's always been working just fine for me with different cameras (Basler, Sony, JAI to name a few brands). You do have to read the camera's user manual to know how to implement the communication though. Do you know which camera you're going to use?
  8. Antoine Chalons

    building a display calculator

    I've looked at all your posts and it looks like your asking help for your homework, if it is the case, just say it, there's nothing wrong with asking for help but you can't ask us to do it all for you. If I'm wrong I apologize. Anyway start writing some code and if you need help to make it work the way you want we'll help you.
  9. Antoine Chalons

    LabVIEW Videos Tecnova Download Site

    what browser are you using? on my mac Firefox does the same but safari downloads the video.
  10. Antoine Chalons

    X-Control key focus not working as expected

    maybe this can help you https://lavag.org/topic/14432-iphone-like-password-string-xcontrol/?do=findComment&comment=87077
  11. Maybe you should give it a name and start selling it :-o
  12. Antoine Chalons

    How to get data out of a tree control

    I think the tree control is a powerfull tool, to be able to leverage this tool you need to spend a bit of time to understand how to use it. When I first used it I also though it was difficult, now I'd say it is a bit complex. I encourage you to invest some time to master it! One cool tool you can have a look to see the power of the Tree Control is Ton Plomp's variant probe available on the LAVA Code Repository
  13. Antoine Chalons

    LabVIEW 2017 Dynamic Event Registration Behaviour

    statement that starts at 10:00 is the key and it ends with "if it's a bug that people rely on, it's not a bug, it's a feature".
  14. Antoine Chalons

    Displaying a transparent PNG programatically

    just thinking out loud, have you tried to use BitMan toolkit to merge the 2 images in one and then display it?
  15. I've seen this, looks very promising! I'm going to apply for a VISA
  16. Antoine Chalons

    IMAQ vi's missing

    Not sure VDM 2016 is fully supported with LV2017, check this : http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/244E6DDF9A92A6CD8625730100629047 if you extend this
  17. Antoine Chalons

    Problems with LabVIEW 2017?

    people do that??
  18. Antoine Chalons

    Default VI file name

    AQ, this VI seems to be password protected, at least in LV 2014 and 2016.
  19. Antoine Chalons

    SCC : From SVN to Mercurial or Git ?

    I saw this recently, maybe it can help you make a choice : source : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DKgjJXaU8AAqyhC.jpg:large
  20. Antoine Chalons

    Vision based application help

    Want performance? Go the NI way, use one IC-3173 per camera.
  21. Antoine Chalons

    Vision based application help

    Well... you're not giving much information about your application. What kind of camera are you using? USB? FireWire? GigE? Camera-Link? CoaXpress? From the users' point of view, would it be more practical to have all the camera on 1 computer?
  22. Antoine Chalons

    Horrible Event Structure Bug!

    I've tested with NXG 2.0 but I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you that... it's not affected by this bug. ... arghhhh
  23. Antoine Chalons

    Horrible Event Structure Bug!

    cool bug! I still have it in LV 2017

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