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  1. i love your member name 😂 There is a dedicated NI GDS section on NI's forum, maybe it would be a better place to ask for support : https://forums.ni.com/t5/GDS-Goop-Development-Suite/gp-p/5050
  2. Ok, thanks for details. I will have between 1 and 5 clones of a dqmh module that send strings to different database via tcp or http, the strings can be large thus why I compress, but each module will only send a string every 1 to 10 seconds so, you're right, I probably wouldn't see much/any difference.
  3. Hi, Am I going to have problems if I change the re-entrancy settings of the VIs in GZip 4.2.0b1-1 from non-rentrant to pre-allocated clones? I mainly use ZLIB Deflate.vi and ZLIB CRC32.vi I use them both on Windows and NI Linux RT.
  4. Has LAVA search ever worked? Maybe before the big crash, but after that, definitely not. I always use google to search on LAVA with site:lavag.org dll
  5. WOW, thx for sharing this, it looks great! Is there any OS restrictions? I'm thinking about NI Linux RT.
  6. pre-2010 I used one on a project (it was a firewire camera at the time), it was to check the temperature of a incandescent object. nothing too fancy.
  7. Which camera model are we talking about? I believe the recent ones are GigE & GenICam compliant so the set attribute vi from IMAQdx with the correct attribute name (to be found in the camera user manual) should do the job.
  8. it's ok to cross-post, but please mention it : https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/camera-postion-stuck-in-3D-picture-control/m-p/3989985#M1138502
  9. I have not. Last I faced a similar case a few years ago (on a 32-bit Windows), after some discussion with the users we agreed to check the file size before loading it and if it was larger than 400Mb the soft would reject the load request with a nice message telling the user to use another soft that would split the large file in several 400Mb files.
  10. Do you really need/want to support 32 bit? I mean... if it's for vision, you probably use a large size of memory, no? I wish I could offer my collaboration but calling external code is not really my cup of tea, so I'd probably be mostly useless anyway. If you are interested in getting in touch with tensorflow users to have their feedback, get in touch with me via PM.
  11. My advice is to "look into CXP", I never got round to trying the bitflow HW + driver which they claim is fully compatible with LabVIEW, CXP seems to be the future of industrial high res / high speed vision. So if you're looking to build a vision system for the next 10 years, I think you should test out bitflow's CXP option. I'm a bit disappointed with NI's "wait n see" approach with CXP, last I asked the answer was "we don't think the ROI is big enough". Which is a fair point but leaves NI Vision with very limited options. CXP open a lot of options in term of cameras. Good luck to you, and - again - if you do test bitflow cxp framegrabber in LabVIEW i'd love to hear how it works.
  12. I've never tried that, do you have a link to the thunderbolt extention specs? I'd be curious to know if it works well. I think camera-link is not the best option for new product design, my first advice would be to look into CoaXPress. Plus NI-PCIe 1430 and 1433 almost went EOL about 18 month ago.
  13. Pre-2009 Wow... how for back do you go? The mythical 7.1?
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