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  1. new release in my fork : https://github.com/AntoineChalons/lv-toml/releases/tag/releases%2Fv2.3.2 what's new : I've improved the error reporting when there is a typo in the value, ex : [cluster] some-numerial-value = 10 other-numerial-value-with-a-typo = 10s The error source will quote the line at fault and give you the line index, something like "Parsing error at line 3 : 'other-numerical-value-with-a-typo = 10s'
  2. @drjdpowell on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) with LV20 we have crashes (not 100% of the time though) when we send SQL command that break the constraints. After a lot of testing my colleague @kdevelle found the issue and fixed it, we will soon publish the fix in the repo (dev branch)
  3. Glad I could help. I don't think the "app store" like model is something NI is willing to invest effort on, they seem happy to let the community deal with it, from what I could see NI did the bare minimum - which is already not too bad - to give the community a reasonably good solution to handle licenses. Again I've not used it myself, but I've seen people use, I hope it works out well for you. I strongly encourage you to contact NI, and more specifically Nancy Henson or Eric Reffett (look them up on linkedin to see their role at NI) to give them feedback about the developer center on community.ni.com.
  4. I'm not sure it's all up to date, but from the link I gave in my first response you should find all the existing doc & tutorials. https://forums.ni.com/t5/Developer-Center-Resources/VI-Package-Manager-Licensing-a-Package/ta-p/3491276 I've never had to go through this process, but I know many people who have. Good luck to you!
  5. neer-impossible to tell as the image resolution is too low
  6. I fully agree with that, my use case is in fact quite simple and over-uses abstract classes in some occasions.
  7. well, there might be a little more to it. when this option is enabled, the package build goes through but the "rename" was skipped ; unless I completely misunderstand the feature, I see that as a bug.
  8. I enabled the "Do Not Compile on Build" option (in Source File Settings section) and the package building worked and took a lot less time than before As I mass compile my source folder anyway before building the package, am I risking anything? Why is this option "not recommended"?
  9. (message first posted on jki forum, but traffic there seems very low...) I get this error when building my package with VIPM, previously the package was building fine. It always took a long time (~15 to 20 minutes) to build this package because it's quite large (~78 classes, 1200+ VIs). Since the last successful build I've only added some methods in the classes. Mass compiling the folder containing the source code doesn't report any issue. Error 66 is descibed in LabVIEW as 'The network connection was closed by the peer. If you are using the Open VI Reference function on a remote VI Server connection, verify that the machine is allowed access by selecting Tools>>Options>>VI Server on the server side.' I've check this and other (smaller) package still build fine. Sources are in LV 2019 32 bit I'm using the latest version of VIPM 2021.1 b2754 Any suggestions?
  10. I have a class hierarchy that has 9 levels of inheritance, 78 classes in total and I probably will reach 100 classes at some point. I have not really noticed any specific issue with this, project load time is similar to other project of similar size but with tiny inheritance trees. The only issue I ran into is that if I mass compile from the project, it will take days but if I mass compile from the tools menu, just a few minutes. (see discussion on NI forums about this)
  11. if I remember well moving from OpenG to MGI made the code run much faster.
  12. To get ride of this issue, I used a modified version of the MGI read / write anything (https://www.vipm.io/package/mgi_lib_read_write_anything/) The modification was adding a "close file" primitive both when reading and writing the file, and when writing also a "flush" before the close.
  13. I've seen this, I can't open your code because I'm in LV 2020. I'm guessing when the power cut happened, the file ref had been opened and not closed yet. I don't know which VIs you use for to read/write your INI, but my I suggest to make sure that any time you access the files, you do use open file, read or write and close file as soon as you're done.
  14. could you save back the VI to LV 2018 please?
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