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  1. This is awesome! Thanks a lot for your tip and help on this subject. I can't believe that NI after ALL this years haven't come up with support for this! Anway, I now have VI that moves files to the Recycle Bin thanks to you !' geir ove
  2. Hello, I wanted to post a link to this posting on the NI Forum to get more people involved in the discussion. See the following posting on the FieldPoint Forum:(Hope this is OK) http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=110&message.id=5535 Geir Ove
  3. Hello, Tried this on the NI forum, but got no response, so here goes: I am writing a system that I first test on the PC and will later download to a Compact FieldPoint (cFP) that I have no experience with so far, and do not have available yet. I know I can define errors in a XML format in a Text File using the Tools>>Advanced>>Edit Error Codes tool in LV. However does any know if this XML Text File also will be downloadable to the cFP and used tranparanly? Or do I have do create my custom errors in another way that works on both the PC and the cFP ? Thanks for any tips !
  4. Thanks everyone. BUT I am trying to track the Source of an Event: I have SubVi's that use the "Property Value (signalling)" to fire Events in the Top VI: I am setting a breakpoint in the Top VI and it will break when someone is setting a Value for e.g. a Button by e.g. writing a True value to "Property Value (signalling)" in a SubVi. Problem is I will not get any Stack trace the way suggested here for the Events .... - A solution anyone ? Geir Ove
  5. Hello, I am using LabView 8.0. I am becoming utterly frustrated by not being able to see **who** is calling the code where I set a break point. All programming languages with a Debugger can show you WHO called a method / function when you set a breakpoint there, but not LabView ? I have developed an error in a system whereas "some code" is setting an unwanted state of a switch, I can set a breakpoint there and see that it happens, but I cannot find out who the caller is ! Please help ! Geir Ove
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