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  1. Hi everybody, In the past, i've used InnoSetup to bundle all the files and directories LabView puts in the "Volume" directory into one easily distributable file that we send to customers via FTP or USB stick. InnoSetup even lets you skin the installer dialog windows for a really pro look. This is all well and good, but the down side is that I'm using this install tool to create what's essentially a fancy self-extracting executable. Microsoft's MSDN calls this a "concurrent installation" and both of these installers actually show up in the add/remove program window which i really don'
  2. Could you post your LV8.5 version? It would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Norm for this awesome toolkit! after downloading your version here, and doing a beyond compare with a version i already have, there seems to be a Tree Control Toolkit V1.0.2 floating around somewhere that i downloaded? Where did i pick this 1.0.2 version up?
  4. it may be oversimplifying it but why cant you just put a newline after each character: C \n r \n e \n l \n f \n
  5. QUOTE (Yair @ Apr 5 2009, 12:17 PM) Sorry! That vi wasn't supposed to still be there, it wasn't needed. I'll upload a more better one. Noob mistake! QUOTE There is also a need to decide how much you keep (e.g. do you keep the strings in trees, listboxes and combo boxes?) I think you'd want to save/export, translate, and import anything viewable to the user. Including front panels of any Vi's marked "Show Front Panel when called" or "Show Front Panel when loaded", although i don't know how to surf through the Vi heirarchy to find that property yet... QUOTE Also, note
  6. QUOTE (crelf @ Apr 5 2009, 12:59 PM) Thanks Guys, I knew ONE of the Maestros would give me a response! But Two, wow, my lucky day. :worship: This is a neat app Crelf, it's awesome how you had this "lying" around. I'll tell you now that i can see pilfering some of this code later... Using the Panel.Controls[] array in Translate GUI Elements.vi won't get you the refnums of nested controls like Tab Controls without setting up your own handler. The app that i've inherited is one big tab control. Using the traverseref.llb -> TRef Get All FP References.vi will get you everyth
  7. Hi All, I've read a bazillion posts, and help pages in the last two days and noone has directly answered the question on how to traverse through a front panels controls and save them to a text file for translation in a multi-lingual app. There's a BEAUTIFUL commercial toolkit (translate.vi) offered for 290 Euros at www.rofa.at, and another "toolkit" from another company for $4000 that does on the fly import and export, but i'd like to do something open source. Using the rofa idea, that's the direction i'd like to go in. There aren't alot of descriptive help docs on NI for dealing with
  8. QUOTE (torekp @ Mar 13 2009, 06:26 PM) u effin guys are 2 smart... haha!!! good job! :thumbup:
  9. :headbang: but i did get a Thanks fellas!
  10. Jim, here we are in 2008, and you saved me alot of headache. while i didn't use your vi, i saw that u were using the "match pattern.vi" which was easier than the "scan string for token.vi" that i was using. coming from C, it's frustrating knowing what i want to do, and not knowing whats available or the easiest implementation... thanks!
  11. ask them if they are using one of the standard serial bus protocols like modbus or hart. labview has a library of serial communication vi's in modbus.llb
  12. holy crapper, you guys are friggin awesome!!! i haven't gotten any emails notifying me of responses to this post so i was off following this "SHFILEOPSTRUCTA" and "op.fFlags = FOF_ALLOWUNDO + FOF_NOCONFIRMATION;" example i found on digital mars.com. returning here to post my findings, and lo and behold.... you guys were here debating the merits and posting examples of several different methods! :worship: how much more of a "christmas morning" experience can u get! hopefully i won't shoot my eye out. thanks everybody, ALL for the inputs.
  13. excuse me if this is in the wrong section... i'm working on a vi that deletes folders/files on windows xp. when i delete something using labviews provided "delete.vi" it seems to remove the inode number of that folder/file, which means it is gone forever. is there a better method that would allow me to send it to the trash can? sorry for linux inode reference, i'm sure windows made up some super uncool name for the same thing, but i don't know it.
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