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  1. QUOTE(Karissap @ Jun 26 2007, 10:25 PM) how?? i did not get it
  2. Hi , Plz I need ue help in my VI , I wnat to mosfify my VI so user has chance to re-enter the password if it is wrong but in my VI if it is wrong it will stop the whole VI ! plz help
  3. i have problem in my VI , it is aquring form me password before running the VI , if I run the VI before enter the password it will give me erroe msg?? plz find the attched VI , admit ur help
  4. i want 2 open the Barbi dor by labview , have my daq card i have digital I/O , but the door is small , how can i open it by relay? THE OUTPUT OF RELAY GOES TO WHAT?
  5. This is project in the college , i have done it but need to know the last part , and i do not want any code or big help just small hint
  6. I am doing security system for home , when you open the door , labview will require password to make sure of safety , 20 seconds time for entering password if the door opened and 20 second passed then system will alarm , if user does not enter password correctly , three trails are allowed , then system will alarm and all emergency lights inside the home will be on . All of those are working successfully with small switch and LED's to labview , but I could not find any safety in this system I want to add one feature , if the password correct , then the door will be opened automatically , is it doable ? I need DC motor ???? I am using doll home to be interfaced with LabVIEW. Sorry for inconvenience
  7. I have twp programs all of those needs daq , any way .. i have to run the first program so value of Vt will be calculated .. in the second program the user has to enter a value that shlould be greater than Vt ???? I tried 2 do the two programs as sequnce but i did not work ?? plz help
  8. Look I want one graph for shoing sin or squre , but in case of Sin other graph will be shown but that will not be shown for squre ? got it?
  9. QUOTE(crelf @ May 25 2007, 09:48 PM) thnxxx dear but another question plzz ,,, if i choose the sin wave switch I want the program to display sin wave and another graph appear to do operation but this graph must not be shown in case of square ?? how can i do it
  10. Nullllll


    hi all , i want to do a program i just need the idea how 2 implemnt it. i want to do a program to let th user 2 choose what to display sin or squre , I know this can be done by make buttons and connected to case structiure but I want to display one graph only for all of them how 2 do that ? two cases sharing 1 graph??
  11. Hi all , I have question , can any one tell plz how 2 make an icon for clearing graph ? I saw examples but I did not understand it.. Second , How can I convert my VI to EXE ?? THNX ALL
  12. Nullllll

    dc motor control

    if u have not solve the problem let me know coz I had the same and can help u
  13. I had the same problem now it is working
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