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  1. I could not attend at NIWeek.

  2. After repairing a few bugs in the code... After improving the user interface ... This is the final product:
  3. QUOTE (TG @ Mar 24 2009, 09:26 AM) PLC side is proprietary protocol. PC side: RS232/USB To get the cable you have 2 options: Buy it at the following link: https://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/l...amp;caller=view Create with the help of the following link (very good): http://www.technick.net/public/code/cp_for...&noupstat=1
  4. LOGO! PLC driver based on LabVIEW I'm happy because these past 2 weeks I have been working to decode and interpret the communication between the LOGO! PLC and a PC. Well ... I finished this work and achieved the following: - Ask the status of communication between PC – LOGO! PLC - Ask the status of the PLC (The PLC responds RUN/STOP status) - Forcing the status of the PLC to RUN mode. - Forcing the status of the PLC to STOP mode. - Ask the current values (in real-time) of all channels of the PLC: o 24 digital inputs o 16 digital outputs o 8 analog inputs o 2 analog outputs o 24 digital marks o 6 analog marks o 4 cursors The application developed in LabVIEW performs the main function of communicate the Desktop / Laptop with PLC LOGO! (That is to say link National Instruments with Siemens ... ja ja). The software performs the following functions: - Monitors and displays all channels of the LOGO! - Choose the communication port. - The user can save in a file all the data, each configurable period. I have made many tests with different logic modules, and it has not given any problems. In the image attached, I show you some of the topologies that can be implemented knowing this protocol of communication. I ask you to spread this to engineers/technicians who design and implement these MICRO-AUTOMATION systems, in order to offer this Software applicable to supervisory system or data-logger device. I'm ready to be able to help.
  5. It is a very interesting application. You only need a touch of user interface design. But functionality is very powerful. It is a very good product. Too good! You know, a product must be of quality but also to be attractive to users. ¡Eye on this!
  6. QUOTE (dannyt @ Dec 10 2008, 07:22 AM) Thanks colleague. These icons will be very useful for the design of GUIs in LabVIEW.
  7. CITA(neB @ Jun 26 2008, 03:10 PM) Hi Ben. I know how center the ellipsoid in a point different to the origin (0,0,0). But I don't know how rotate the ellipsoid. My problem is the rotation of coordenates. With the two points that I have, I can calculate the center of the ellipsoid and its angle of rotation. I do have this two results. Thanks Ben.
  8. Hi Wireworkers! I am doing a software that assist in the planning of radio-links around our national geography. Among other things, I require to graph the geographic profiles and the fressnell zone so much in 2D as in 3D. These components in 2D, are observed in the following figure. The geographical profile in 3D is observed in the following figure. Although it is not the fressnell zone in 3D (Ellipsoid rotated). The ellipsoid should be among the points A and B. Can somebody help me with regard to How to graph a rotated ellipsoid?. I have the points vertexes and the radius (this depends on the frequency of the radio-connection). The only thing that I have gotten (in LabVIEW 8.2) is to graph the ellipsoid, with their centre in (x1, y1,z1) and an angle of rotation 0º or 90º. For graph the ellipsoid, I am using the equations of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellipsoid For view the GUIs of this software, please Visit My GUI Gallery Thanks Carlos Calderón U.T.P.L. Loja-Ecuador
  9. CITA(Michael_Aivaliotis @ Mar 21 2008, 12:14 PM) Good Idea!. Yes you should create a category of User Interface in the gallery LAVA. That would be a plus to publicize the wide range of applications that can be developed in LabVIEW. So too is a plus for the LAVA Group. I take to tell them that here in Loja, Ecuador, LabVIEW is the language most widely used both in the academy and in industrial applications medium-scale and hence LAVA is the forum for discussion that we use both for a look at new developments in these unconventional technology and to support the applications that we are developing. Then LAVA also would referring with regard to the development of GUIs based on LabVIEW. Parallel to this gallery, you should also create a repository of tips for developing user interface, I quote some very good tutorials but isolated: Two tutorials, Cool! of Christopher Relf (in this website) Jim Kring could help us with some notes. Their products are very good and very funcional. I Hope he shares us their tips and tricks. Interface Designer's Workshop of the company BetterView Consulting (www.bettervi.com).... ... Greetings! Carlos Calderón
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