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  1. Hi, I am programming an application in LabVIEW with a type of joystick that is like two joysticks like this example: In order to work, I have to connect the devide index of both of my joystick with two vi Initialize Joystick.vi. Like the explanation on this web page: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/CA411647F224787B86256DD000669EFE Here is the text: Call Initialize Joystick.vi. In this VI, use the device index input to identify the device to be read from. This is a numeric value that corresponds to the device number in the operating system. Use the corresponding Initialize VI if doing this for a different input device, i.e. Initialize Mouse.vi I would like to know where do I find the device number in the operating system. In my case I have found that I have to use 1 and 2. This number might change, on a different computer or if I reboot... Can someone help me?
  2. I want the user to enter in a control a name. This name will then be use to create a file. I was wandering if it existe some tool to validate that the caractere enter in the name are valid for a file name: no ? for example. Thanks
  3. I am working in Labview 2009 and DIADEM 11.1 I created a VI that write propertie in a TDMS file with labview with a property name with a space in the name. I created a VI that read the same propertie. It is working find (With space in labview.tdms) If I open the tdms file in DIADEM and modify the value property and save the file. (With space in diadem.tdms) When I use the same read propertie, there is no error message but the found boolen value dont find the properti. Thanks! The file "with space in labview" ans "with space in Diadem" are .TDMS file ( they are not .vi) Read TDMS file with space.vi Write TDMS file with space.vi With space in labview.vi With space in diadem.vi
  4. I am using the librairie variantDataTo TDMS.llb for many year. I have upgraded to labview 2009. It is working fine. But I did a teste recently. I have try to modfy one value of the TDMS file directly in the tdms file in DIADEM. After it is impossible to read the file again. I have on error 85: "Error 85 occurred at [Essai]:T Avant haut Scan From String (arg 1) in ClusterToTDMS.lvlib:Read TDMS Key (Variant)__TDMS.vi->ClusterToTDMS.lvlib:Read TDMS Cluster__TDMS.vi->File Read write.vi Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Scan failed. The input string does not contain data in the expected format." Should I save the file in DIADEM in a special format? Should I upgrade the librairy "variantDataTo TDMS.llb"? Thanks for your help!
  5. I am trying to program a tree view with 2 columns. The second column I would like to be able to edit some of the line but not all of them. Does anyone know how to disable only one element in a tree view and still be able to select this line. When I use the Disabled? Property node, If I select this line the tree value is empty. Is it possible to know that I have slected that line? Thanks for your help!
  6. I was using an opensource library named "VariantDataToTDMS.llb" in labview 8.2.1. It is working very fine. I have tried it in labview 8.5 but it is not in all condition. It is working fine if a do not use two clusters of the same type. I have joint an example of the problem. If you open the Vi "Test Read-Write variant data to tdms identique__TDMS.vi" you will see the problem. That vi write and read in a TDMS file. It writes 3 differents clusters with different names. But the cluster "My large cluster" and the cluster "Same Large" are two cluster exactly the same. Once you run it. If you look at the TDMS file in diadem. You will see that the cluster name "Same Large" was not written in the file. Does it exist a another version of that library that fixed that problem? Is it a labview 8.5 the problem? Someone else have experience the same problem? CTR
  7. Bug fix with LabVIEW 8.2.1 The probleme was occuring with labVIEW 8.20. I have installed the new version of LabVIEW 8.2.1 and the problem was resolved. I have tried on differents machines with the two versions of LabVIEW. Hope It can help other person!! CTR
  8. I have use this librairie it is very usefull!! Thanks! However, I have experience something strange. I have tried to write two clusters that are exactly the same format but with differents names.Writing the TDMS file does not give me an error but I do not have the information in the tdms file. Only one of the two clusters is written in the tDMS file. If I remove one element from one of the two clusters then the 2 cluster are written normally in the TDMS file!!!!!! Did someone tried it? Is there a solution? I am doing something wrong? Thanks for any help!! CTR
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