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  1. As described in the link msconfig > Systemstart > Unchecking "Microsoft IntelliPoint" does the trick. Thank You again!
  2. Thank You for the link. I did not find this myself. So there has to be an issue with the MS wireless mouse driver causing LV (only!?) to have problems. Horizontal bar scrolling doesn't work either. I don't think scrolling is realized in mouse keys, is it? I did try another wireless mouse. It did show the same behaviour. But my normal USB mouse srolls in LabVIEW - I thought I had tested it and it did not work. However, I'll try to verify what Grant_Cargill did and see if this will fix the wireless mouse issue.
  3. I did uninstall & reinstall: No changes - still unable to properly scroll through diagrams and project explorer. I did not find any Setting to modify how LabVIEW (development environment) reacts on mouse scrolling. I am thinking of something like "scroll the page" or "scroll linewise". But there is nothing there, is it? I did play arounds with my Windows -> mouse settings. Whatever I enter here (e.g. disable hor.scrolling) does not have influence on LabVIEW at all. Could someone please check if changing these settings - increasing/decreasing scroll speed and - disabling/e
  4. Not yet ... If no one else is ever experienced that issue Reinstalling would be the next step.
  5. Hi all, Since upgrading to Win7 my LV2009 (SP1) seems to be unable to properly react on mouse scrolling. And I am not talking about runtime events. I cannot scroll at all in the frontpanel or diagram. And in project editor mouse scrolling only works upwards. LV is the only application with these problems, so there is no e.g. mouse driver issue. LV 2009 (SP1) running on the same PC under Win XP has none of these issues. I updated Wireless mouse driver and played around with the settings - no effect on LV. All other applications react on e.g. increasing scrolling speed. I searched
  6. QUOTE (normandinf @ Dec 16 2008, 03:06 PM) Hmmm... with "Get LV Class Default Value.vi" I don't think that I can create a new object of e.g. type ClassA. I only read the standard values, don't I. Or is there a way to get a reference of each object that was created that way? This is what I really need. The same kind of reference I get like when I rightclick a control and create a reference to that control element. Stefan
  7. Hi, I am using LV8.6. I have created a LV class e.g. "ClassA". In a VI I can now manually create 10 Controls of type "ClassA" and create a Reference for each of these Controls. This is the way I usually create my references to objects (e.g. of type "ClassA"). I do work with these objects using call by reference methods, this works so far. But instead of this "manual reference creation" can I create references to objects of type "ClassA" by using something like an "Open class reference.vi" and typecast it to any of my classes? Just like the way like I can create VI References usin
  8. When I try to open VI property dialog (from frontpanel or diagram) it takes up to one minute for the dialog to appear! So when I want to change the VI execution mode e.g. I can right click the icon, select properties and then get ma a pot of coffee before I can change anything. Can anybody else repoproduce this problem? Stefan
  9. Thank You fro replying that fast! QUOTE (pdc @ Aug 20 2008, 06:48 PM) Hmmm... Knowing that - i retried to do the whole thing and guess what - Now it works! I do not know what I did wrong this afternoon. I tried to create this service about 20 times, always successful but it could not be started. So I created another easy Test service without overwriting VIs. It worked so I thought I'd found the problem. However. QUOTE (pdc @ Aug 20 2008, 06:48 PM) For this application I manually configure the application builder to save classes as a different .llb file instead of letting it copy
  10. Hi all! I succesfully could build system services out of LV Applications using srvany and instsrv in the past. Now I get problems when I use classes with overwrite VIs: They do have the same name so the name conflict is solved by the AppBuilder by copying the VIs with the same names to different subfolders. I can start the exe that is built this way. But I cannot start the service I created! I always get "Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion" I guess this is due to not beeing able to load the VIs from the subfolders. But I am not s
  11. I just trying to understand the whole Ethernet IP thing. For testing I have a SMC Valve Cluster with EIP interface. Could anybody please tell me or give me a hint how to use these VIs on this device. I've got some informations from the manual that sound inportant: Input : Data length 6 byte, instance 100 Output: Data length 4 byte, instance 150 Does this tell me something about the registers I would have to read/set? Any help is really appreciated. Thank You! Best regards, Stefan
  12. Hi all, I'm just starting using oop features of LV8.5. Until now I only used C++. Do I have in LV really the possibility to use a child's override VI to OVERRIDE the functionallity of a base class vi? Or is it only possible to add functionality to the by "call parent method" added base class vi? So is the code of the base vi executed when executing the child's vi? Thank You for any reply! A little example, if possible would be very very appreciated! Stefan
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