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  1. Hello, I want to create a chm help file for my vi's, including the buttons Place on the block diagram and Find on the Functions palette. To do this, I added the Labview-help javascripts into my helpsource, and I inserted the following rule into objectnames.js: var object5001 = "my_own_vi.vi"; Now, I call to the helpserver (in my html-source): onClick="placeObject(object5001);" After this, Labview is indeed asked to do something, but then shows the message: Object not found. The object might exist in a different palette view or might not be supported on the execution target currently sele
  2. Hi, Is there a spell-check which I can use in my LabVIEW programm? (LabVIEW, CIN, dll). And can I use my own libary for it? thank you in advance...
  3. From MSDN: Use the RecordCount property to find out how many records are in a Recordset object. The property returns -1 when ADO cannot determine the number of records or if the provider or cursor type does not support RecordCount. Reading the RecordCount property on a closed Recordset causes an error. There are four different cursor types defined in ADO: Dynamic cursor: allows you to view additions, changes, and deletions by other users; allows all types of movement through the Recordset that doesn't rely on bookmarks; and allows bookmarks if the provider supports them. Keyset cursor:
  4. Why do difficult if it can be very simple? You can use a databasetoolkit for example There is a company in the netherlands called T&M-Solutions who build a own toolkit and databasewizard. This toolkit makes it posible to work easily with Labview and Databases with a small knowledge of databases. It uses the express-technology to easily work with databases. You can select (in the express-screen) which columns you want to read/write to your database. This columns can you wire easily to the VI as a cluster/ array of clusters (not as a variant), so you don't have irritating casting stuff
  5. How do you see that? goop that is talking to the beans, or beans who are talking to your labview program??? And why not corba or webservices? You can define an IDL, and implements it with goop or something like that. Than you can call the methods from Java via the ORB (Object Request Broker)...
  6. that's the reason, i've got no problems with passwords
  7. I reorganized the layout of the templates used by goop (include strict type defs), to my personal layout, and i've got no problems.
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