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  1. Hey Randy- did you manage to figure out a solution? or did you end up changing your code? I just ran into this issue yesterday and have been stuck since, Error 1498 occurred at Get LV Class Default Value.vi Thanks for any info/ideas -pat
  2. My senior just pointed out my mistake- I'm dropping child methods instead of parent methods ... the VI icon for this particular case was edited in the child method but not the parent- so when I dropped the child it magically replaced it with the parent... whoops. thx for the quick reply too! -pat
  3. You mean an event structure that executes a frame based on an AND result of a [bool value change] and a [mouse down event]? -pat
  4. Hey folks, I was wondering why my subVIs icon changes from the one I made (that says 'close' on it) when I wire the class to it- it turns into a blank VI icon from that class with a number 2 in the bottom right. The VI works, and it is definitely calling the right VI, but I just wanted to know why the icon changes. Thanks for any info! -Pat
  5. Sry for gettin off topic here, but Shaun- noobie question, is there a way to set up your structures to have color tint like the for loops ya just posted by default? So every time I lay a for loop its tinted yellow, while loops blue etc etc... and also- if I did this, would it stick with the vi if I were to send the vi to someone or edit it on another computer? thx! -pat
  6. I just bought a 13 button mouse (G700)... not only does it have buttons for days, but you can program one of them to change back and forth through 3 different "profiles" so that all the 12 other buttons can be config'd for another 12 hotkeys and or macros... with timing recorded on the keys too... it's a wee bit overwhelming lol... somehow, despite having the button "unassigned" in logitechs mouse config sw, when I hit one of the buttons it Ctrl+E's by default... kinda handy haha. we'll see if I can actually put these buttons to some productive use... It's a wireless guy that apparently will work on all surfaces so I'm certainly bringing it with me anywhere my laptop goes.... -pat
  7. Do you mean wrecked your productivity while trying to write code without the mouse shortcuts? thx for the responses -pat
  8. How do you edit a post you made? I don't see an edit button... anywho... Assuming that you can make your own hotkeys and such, it'd be cool to use something like this even though it is overkill http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-G13-Programmable-Gameboard-Display/dp/B001NEK2GE/ref=pd_sim_e2 take your most commonly used commands and map em to the keys and whatnot... -pat
  9. Hey- I'm looking to buy a new mouse (the one I have keeps randomly reseting its position to the upper rightmost spot on my displays) and looking on newegg I see mic with upwards of 10+ buttons... My question is, have any or many of you set up any of the extra buttons on your mouse to execute shortcuts in labview? Are there a lot of programmable shortcuts or hotkeys in labview that make you significantly faster? I'm aware of only a few with the quickdrop window, so I suppose if you could get one button on the mouse to ctrl+space and another to ctrl+d (or whichever). I think I read or heard somewhere you can create your own through the quickdrop menu- have to look into this i do. Sorry if any of this is unclear... it's early and I havent had my coffee yet. thanks
  10. Thanks a lot for the info! I'll take a good read of the help pages next time -pat
  11. I certainly consider myself a noobie here and with LV, my coworker just showed me how he uses the disable structure- I think it will prove to be useful for me in the future. I wanted to ask a question though- if you tell LV to build an EXE from VI, and the disable structure has some code disabled, is any of that disabled code compiled into the exe? or just left out? thx for any info -pat
  12. Hey folks, quick question- Im wondering why the USB 6525 isnt available in MAX as a simulated USB device, and if there's anything to do to make it available. Suppose I could use a simulated USB 6501 as a stand in for simulation functionality right? anyone have any other ideas? Thanks -pat Errrr... scratch that, doesn't look like 6501 is available either but I see no reason not to use PCI or PXI as long as the outputs are the just regular DIO... -pat is there a way to delete a post?
  13. I just burnt my pop tarts.

  14. No, the XPe piece is running a LV executable that utilizes a USB based DAQ amoungst other things, I'm really just looking to use a USB cable for serial communications just like a 232 hookup so that the system can be just as versatile as a common Test & Measurement class USB device. (partially because rs232 is kind of on its way out with many computers sold without the serial DB9 ports.) -pat
  15. Hey folks- I reckon my question is more windows XPe related than LabVIEW related, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone here has dealt with, or considered this idea before in this arena. My googling has turned up very little... but I want to know how feasible it may be to turn a box running XPe into a USB device (test and measurement class) that can be recognized by a remote hosting computer - all the while still being able to host USB devices on other USB ports itself for USB DAQ. Even if someone was willing to point me in the right direction, to documentation or another forum it would be very much appreciated! Thanks -pat
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