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  1. Hello MikaeIH,

    I am looking for few references to generate a HTML test report using teststand. I have a requirement to generate a test report which includes graphs and test summary. I have come across your post, which discuss generating the test report using JQuery and JQplot. Can you please share sample files to get started? Thanks in advance.


    Karthik SP


    20141219_080953_My Awesome Report_SN012334 (4).html

    1. MikaelH


      I can't share the my company's library (unless I get permissions), but it very easy to create a library yourself.
      You just need to create the HTML string and then write it to disk.
      I would recommend to use a lvclass library.

      Just look at the JQPlot examples(View-source) and create similar text and write it to a file on disk.

      IT's so easy, good luck

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