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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I am trying to debug a project developed by another developer and I see 2 event structures in the Main VI with UI. They both have different timeout values set and one of the ES is sending commands through User Events to the other ES which is part of a QSM. Since I've never come across a design with multiple ES, I wanted to understand the design before I proceeded. I did a little search regarding this matter but the conversation usually drifted and it was a bit confusing for a developer like me Suppose we limited 1 event structure per block diagram? Using multiple (2) event structures in 1 VI What I got out of it was Advantages -able to capture and process multiple events in parallel so that a single event that might take some time to complete won't freeze other events -able to compartmentalize events into different categories -different timeout values mean different polling frequency Disadvantages -a bit more maintenance required than a single ES design Is there a thread or resource that summarizes and describes this design?
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