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  1. So I'm assuming some of you guys are rocking it out at NI Week. Are there any cool new features of LabVIEW/toolkit/module that you noticed? It seems like there are a lot of variant related VIs now.. Although some of them seem like it would already exist in openG libraries. By the way, is there a page that lists the new NI hardwares released at NI Week?
  2. Hey guys, I am trying to debug a project developed by another developer and I see 2 event structures in the Main VI with UI. They both have different timeout values set and one of the ES is sending commands through User Events to the other ES which is part of a QSM. Since I've never come across a design with multiple ES, I wanted to understand the design before I proceeded. I did a little search regarding this matter but the conversation usually drifted and it was a bit confusing for a developer like me Suppose we limited 1 event structure per block diagram? Using multiple (2) event structures in 1 VI What I got out of it was Advantages -able to capture and process multiple events in parallel so that a single event that might take some time to complete won't freeze other events -able to compartmentalize events into different categories -different timeout values mean different polling frequency Disadvantages -a bit more maintenance required than a single ES design Is there a thread or resource that summarizes and describes this design?
  3. Hey guys, I am currently having some issues with a FPGA program with Softmotion not compiling. We are running out of options in terms of how to get this FPGA program compiled. So my question is does compiling on Linux have a different probability of compiling FPGAs? I have heard that Xilinx Compiler is meant for Linux so it runs more efficiently and faster, so I was just wondering if the compile method was different as well
  4. JKSH, Thanks for the links! I didn't know LabVIEW developers used Github and sourceforge too. I took a look at the book you recommended. I do think there is lot that I can learn from architecture design. But I wanted to get your opinion on how much difference the LabVIEW version that the author used would make. The book was written around 2006 so I am guessing that was like LabVIEW 8.2? hooovahhh, Yea, code review and outside exposure is definitely what I need. At my workplace, we have talented developers, however the work style is more about solve immediate problems and worry about the rest later. So there's not much room for design and code reviews
  5. LogMAN, Actor model is something I definitely want to learn about... but I'm still in the process of learning oop ShaunR, That is pretty darn cool!
  6. JKSH, I've checked out the sites you have mentioned, especially LAVA code repository, but I couldn't find any actual application. Would you happen to have a link to one? hooovahh, I guess I misused the word code review. Showing my code and getting advices from someone is definitely nice, but instead I was just wondering if people posted their code that I can take a look at. Since I don't have a specific question regarding anything, I just wanted to see how other people design, organize, document and pretty much program in LabVIEW. Example solutions and submissions of CLD and CLA exams are close to what I am looking for... however the amount of programming is incorporated into is limited so it lacks LabVIEW tricks and designs. I hope I make sense
  7. Hey guys, So I was just wondering if forums like LAVA had any code review of an entire application and such. I typically have code review done at work but I was wondering if there was a thread where people just shared their code. I understand that sharing an entire code is typically not possible due to company policy and IP related matters but I thought it might be nice if I can take a look at a code of somebody outside of my typical circle and see how they do things.
  8. Hey guys, So I was just looking through one of the presentations of NI Week 2014, and this one talks about some cool tricks about UI. Creating Highly Innovative User Interfaces With LabVIEW - Demos My question is about specifically about one of the demos. In one of his demo, he talks about an alternative way of storing UI refs compared to the typical "Create UI refs and store them into a cluster, then unbundle the cluster when you need the UI refs" I was just wondering if anybody had another way of controlling UIs. I still use the cluster method but sometimes it takes a lot of spaces in the block diagram and was wondering if there was a better way
  9. Didnt notice your response because my notification setting was off. I will try out your VI. Thanks!
  10. Wow I didnt realize the default setting for notification was off until now. This should be enough reasons for the paid version of VIPM. My boss is trying to save money by creating installers for code reuse But how do other developers know if more code has been added to the reuse library? Is it notified through team meetings?
  11. Hi guys, I think this is what I exactly need right now. How do you enable the brown-bannered property nodes? Is there a key I need to input in the LabVIEW ini file? Thanks
  12. Hello. It's my first time posting on LAVA. I recently posted the same topic on the NI forums, but I wanted more feedback so I am posting it here as well. So my question is how do you guys organize the code reuse repository at your workplace? Is it on an individual basis or is there a systematic way? Any idea is appreciated, thanks!
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