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Found 2 results

  1. Goodmorning, Currently I'm using a cDAQ 9135 shipped with WES7 as OS for a acquisition application. My code is based on the continous acquistion template (event loop, message loop, acquition loop, logging loop and visualization loop) based on data sharing with queues. Now I wanted to extend this code with daqmx writing blocks as I need to add a closed loop control. However I noticed that my acquisition loop is running too slow for a 'realtime' closed loop control. +/- 20 ms/iteration is the best i can get with a timed loop IF disable the visualization loop. Otherwise it goes to 200 ms/iteration. To have a closed loop control I read it would be better to have a real time target. Therefore I would need to change the OS of my cDAQ from WES7 to Linux Labview RT. As I understood, then the acquiring/control and logging would run on the RT target and the visualization on a host computer connected by ethernet or usb to the cDAQ. Now the questions: - Will I get better performance by going to the Labview RT solution? - Is it uberhaupt possible to change from OS on my cdaq? and if yes, how to do this? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, bvrm
  2. I'm needing two c-series Modules for the CompactDAQ. They are a GPS module and an accelerometer module. I know that S.E.A. sell a GPS c series module, but it is only compatible with cRIO, not cDAQ, obviously with the different interfaces. Does anyone know of any companies that sell GPS and accelerometer modules for the cDAQ? Thanks.
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