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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I have received a LabVIEW dll and the corresponding header files so that I can send a trigger to a skin stimulation device. when I use the loadlibrary command in my Matlab script, I receive these two errors: "We don't know the Compiler" and "We don't know the ProcessorType architecture" Which means while reading the "platdefines.h", the Compiler and the ProcessorType does not match the ones listed in ifs. I have set c++ compiler to visual studio 2015 in Matlab. (also tried MinGW). the system I`m using is Windows 10 (tried on 7, too), 64bit. I read somewhere that ma
  2. I was mucking around in General Error Handler.vi today and noticed a weird subVI with a really intersting comment inside. Thought I'd share it with the crowd, since it applies to time-critical processes, thead swapping, and general compiler insights.
  3. Did you happen to catch the announcement a while back (LV2010 era) that LabVIEW source was being compiled to DFIR (DataFlow Intermediate Representation) and then to LLVM IR (Low Level Virtual Machine) before being compiled to target-specific machine code? Let's look at LLVM a moment; it's exciting. This acronym is not just some LabVIEW R&D mumbo jumbo; the LLVM compiler is something that has cause quite a stir in the programming community for some time now. In 2012 -- two years after NI R&D publicly announced that LabVIEW was leveraging LLVM -- LLVM won the ACM Software Sys
  4. Hi all - I've just posted a tool to analyze compiled code complexity of VIs in a project at http://forums.ni.com...12/td-p/2121692. Note that compiled code complexity is a new feature in LabVIEW 2012, and so this won't work with earlier versions. I'd be happy to answer any questions here or on the forums! (is it kosher to spam LAVA with links to forum posts? If not, my apologies...) Greg Stoll LabVIEW R&D
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