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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I’m having issues with a LabVIEW application that I made. Quick summary: The application is used for reliability tests. Users can configure profiles/experiments. These are translated to a voltage/current output. Experiments can be started to run parallel on a rack of power supplies. More Details: The application is OO-based. Each active experiment is an ‘experiment executor’ object which is a class with an active object. The process vi is a very simple statemachine which handles init of the hardware (VISA (Powersupplies connected via Ethernet, VISA TCP/IP)), iteration handling of the test, summary logfiles, UI and a few other things. Typical usage of the application is: 16 samples tested in parallel. Most of them run the same experiment (== same output) but on different powersupplies. These samples are tested simultaneously, and started at the same time. System details: LabVIEW2011 SP1 (32bit) // VISA 5.4.1 Observations: In development: I can simultaneously start 16 samples summary file of the experiment settings are written to disk (16times in parallel == 16 samples and all vi’s are set to reentrant) duration is about 10s for each file. (depends on the length of the experiment, different profile steps that are used etc) it is a simple ini format file, about 136KB size Experiments start execution. (== output and measurement on the power supplies) Parallel reentrant VISA communication with power supplies works perfect, internal looprate in the ‘avtive’state of the process is about 500ms (with 16 parallel samples) In runtime: When I start the samples, the parallel processes are started BUT: Writing if the ini summary file gets slower and slower each time a new clone/sample is launched. I see this, because for debug I open the FP of that vi. Writing of the file gets slower and slower… fastest file == 30s, slowest (== last sample started == 250s) Parallel reentrant VISA communication, looprate is 20-30 SECONDS (iso 500msec in development) Can someone help me with this ? 16 parallel process isn ‘t that much. I always thought that runtime would be faster than development env.
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