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Found 2 results

  1. We got a process which has very rapid heat up rates (~10,000 C/sec). We are experimenting with small type R TC wires to measure this process. Ideally we are looking for 1000 Hz readings on the TCs. This is well outside the rate of standard TC DAQ hardware. To add to the fun, we'll probably have very long TC wire runs (100-200 feet). We are limited to TCs instead of non-contact measurement due to physical constraints. Right now I'm using a cRio system with an NI-9205 for measurement. I've got the TC wired in differential mode with 50 kOhm bias resistors. I've also got a small thermistor IC on one of the channels for cold junction compensation. This works OK, but it's not a great solution. The TC is really susceptible to noise and other environmental conditions that affect the reading. Has anybody ever done anything like this and has some tips that might help? Ideally, I'd like to find a signal conditioner that can be placed near the process to convert to voltage to re-transmit to the DAQ. This company has something that works with type K with 1ms response rate: http://thesensorconnection.com/signal-conditioners/signal-conditioners/type-k-thermocouple-amplifier-signal-conditioner-0-5-vdc-out But I need type R. Anybody seen anything like that? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am doing a project which required high speed data commnication between 2 chassis. 24 Double digital numbers in a loop rate 10K. The first thing come to my mind is using reflective memory. But the result is not good enough. The data transfer tooks 80% of time in the 10K loop, Then to avoid loop late, I could not do any thing else in this loop. Is there any option else? Maybe using digital I/O in FPGA card? Thanks in advance!
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