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Found 3 results

  1. I’m sure it’s not just me that missed out the change in LV 2013, when it comes to Sub Panel’s Insert VI method. From 2013, you can't insert ctl-file any more. For me that is a show stopper right now. So I can’t upgrade to 2013. Can anybody at NI let us know, why this support was dropped, and what the work around would be for my exe file that currently opens CTL files and shows then in a sub panel?
  2. Hi, I need help on my graduation project, i have installed Labview 2012, and i want to build an ".exe" application but i can't because i don't have the builder key !! any one could help please !! thx
  3. When one uploads a file to the Code Repository there is a handy dropdown box to indicate the LabVIEW version that the code is written in. Currently it goes up to LabVIEW 2011 - it probably needs 2012 added !
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