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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am a LabVIEW user and new to LabWindows. Currently, I have to plan a project which needs to integrate software in different languages. The situation is that I have one LabVIEW vi needs to be integrated into a HMI which is written in LUA. I am now thinking is it feasible to first convert LabVIEW vi or project first into CVI DLL and than call it in LUA. Does anyone have some experince/ advices about it? I found it is possible to using LUA in LabVIEW with LuaView. How about the other way round? Any pointer will be highly appricated. Cheers, sparkle
  2. Hi everyone, I have developed over a couple of years my own interface between LabVIEW and Lua (MLua) much like the CIT's pioneering luaview http://luaview.esi-cit.com/index.html. The two key differences are: 1. MLua dynamicly links with the Lua binaries 5.2 distribution, ensuring compatibility and allowing the use of external Lua modules coded in C. 2. A much simpler interface, no need to understand the Lua stack based API. Example: Wondering if I should go through the effort of making it an addon on the tools network... and if so, what type of license and cost. Any input is welcome
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