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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I am trying to have an OOP based architecture inside RT ,where FPGA acquired values are used inside RT. So my plan is to have a generic base class upon which different systems(Child classes) are built. My child FPGA VIs will have additional controls in Front panel along with the common ones. So where can I put the FPGA ref? I cannot have it in base class since it will not bind all the controls. But if I have it in Child classes, how can I have the common functions in Base class? Looking forward to your suggestions guys..
  2. I have a small LV code library that wraps the STM and VISA/TCP APIs to make a "network actor". My library dynamically launches a reentrant VI using the ACBR node that establishes a TCP connection as client or server, then uses the connection to poll for inbound messages and send outbound ones. When I try to establish a connection using my Windows 7 PC as the client and my sbRIO (VxWorks) as the server, it connects and pushes 100 messages from the client if the server was listening first. If the client spins up first, sometimes it works and sometimes I get error 56 from the "TCP Open Connection" primitive repeatedly. Other times I've seen error 66. When I try to make Windows act as the server, the sbRIO client connects without error, but it returns error 56 from "TCP Read" on the first call thereafter (inside "STM.lvlib:Read Meta Data (TCP Clst).vi"). This happens in whichever order I run them. This test, and all others I've written for the API, works just fine when both client and server are on the local machine. ------------------------------- I'm tearing my hair out trying to get a reliable connection-establishment routine going. What don't I know? What am I missing? Is there a "standard" way to code the server and client so they'll establish a connection reliably between an RT and a non-RT peer?
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