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Found 6 results

  1. I was curious if there has ever been any consideration of transferring the OpenG repository from SourceForge to either GitHub or Bitbucket? Both services support direct SVN repository import. It seems to me that it would be a much better way for others to contribute code to the project with pull requests and track issues such as the LinuxRt zip files changes. Sourceforge just doesn't offer any of these collaborative tools that have become a standard in the last few years. In addition, both provide direct binary file downloads, with Github's release function being extremely useful.
  2. Copyright, trademarks - all this legal stuff gets tricky! Here is a documented experience from a LabVIEW development company that had to change their brand names due to a conflict. Licenses can get complicated too. Did you know that any application you create in LabVIEW requires a copyright notice regarding NI? Essentially I want to make it easier for users and to lessen confusion (if any) when using OpenG. So, I want to start by talking about the OpenG licenses. There has been some questions raised about how to license applications that make use of OpenG libraries (e.g. here). See here for
  3. I would like to see OpenG version of the default 1,2 and 3 button dialogs offered by LabVIEW with an optional timeout. The purpose of such dialog is that it informs the user and allows him to take some action. If the user does not respond in time a default action would be taken. The timeout should default to '-1' meaning a timeout would never occure, the time-out would be configured in seconds, and the default button would show 'button-name[xxx]' with xxx in seconds until that action will be taken. Any thoughts? I'll try to come up with some protypes tomorrow. (perhaps an express VI) Ton
  4. Yer, I like to ask all the big questions... The question was raised here (among other things, but I want to focus on installation directory only) and elsewhere on whether OpenG would be better suited in vi.lib as per the NI requirements for developing third-party APIs etc... Why is OpenG installed to user.lib? That's simple, it's a historical thing. Now due to changes, notably NI opening up vi.lib, things have changed. It also turns out user.lib is so 8.0's (ha! get it?) and vi.lib is now the preferred and more professional approach for installation of third-party APIs. I tested this in
  5. Just a general though / question and I think this applies to both OpenG & LAVA CR's so I was not quite sure where to put this. I am working on a LAVA CR package and I intend to separate source & compile code and it had me thinking. What is the general take that people have on the separation of source & compile code issue for new tools or LAVA CR's that a LabVIEW 2010 or newer. I did see a comment, but cannot find it now, for NI that this will sometime in the future become the default setting rather than an option. As this setting can be do programming, I was also think that m
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