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Found 3 results

  1. Some background: I'm trying to use the name of the library my VI is executing in as part of a string which will be used in the name of a Rendezvous, to keep it distinct from other Rendezvous I will create. When attempting to use the VI Property Node to access the Library property on the CompactRIO, error code 1 is returned. Running the same code on my computer runs as expected and returns the Library. Accessing the VI Name using the Property Node appears to work no problem on the RT, though. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem? I tried searching the documentation, but didn't turn up anything. Is this error part of some general behavior wherein some VI properties are not accessible when a VI is running on a real-time target? Code is attached. Please see attached pictures: Project Explorer: Block Diagram: Front Panel - RT Results: Front Panel - Computer Results: Experiment with VI Property Node Error.zip
  2. I am looking to get some design consideration for developing a cRIO motion control application. My questions are 1. Is Softmotion advisable to be used for motion control where the data rate can is upto 20KHz? Not sure if SoftMotion only works with scan engine and according to cRIO developer guide, for rates >500 Hz FPGA should be used and not scan engine. What are the limitations of using Softmotion? 2. In one application can FPGA be used to do I/O with one module and scan engine be used to do I/O with another module? Just wondering how long does it take to develop a LV application with Softmotion if basic motion control is to be performed. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I've stumbled across a problem when trying to use the "Application path" constant along with the name of a sub-VI to obtain a reference for dynamic launching (using the asynchronous call and forget VI). Putting the Sub-VI in the application folder, or alternatively a special "Sub-VI" folder, then using "Application Path" constant plus the name of the Sub-VI to obtain a reference works fine on a windows PC. When deployed to real-time you get "Error 7", sub-VI not found. So I'm wondering, where exactly does a dynamically launched sub-VI go when it's deployed to real-time, and how do I build a path to it programmatically for the purposes of dynamic launching? Thanks in advance, Alex
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