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Found 1 result

  1. Hello All, Long time reader, first time poster. I have learned a lot from lavag, and really appreciate what you all do here. I am building an LVOOP architecture that sort of straddles the line between AMC and AF. One of the most frustrating things I have run across (as with most AF type architectures) is debugging shared clones. I've run into some behavior that I did not expect and wanted to see if anyone knew what was going on. First some definitions: Behavior A: Opening a Shared Clone Reentrant subVI from the block diagram of a running VI opens the original, "uncloned" VI, reserved for execution. Behavior B: Opening a Shared Clone Reentrant subVI from the block diagram of a running VI opens the active, running clone VI, which is capable of being debugged. I once thought that behavior A was how LabVIEW worked, however in developing this framework, I have found that some subVIs show behavior B. Behavior A and B seem to correlate to dynamic and static dispatch methods respectively, but I can't make sense of why. If I create a simple example without OOP (see attached), I get behavior A. Has anyone ever seen this behavior, and if so, am I missing something really obvious? Secondly, does anyone have any tricks or best practices for getting into active clones to debug? My only idea at this point is to include some sort of notifier/queue/etc to active a Front Panel Open Method. Thanks in advance! Drew T. CLA, CTA
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