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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, I need to deploy a startup.rtexe into my cRIO-9049 (from LabVIEW Project Explorer or CLI, whatever), and I need to use the ./nilvrt start and ./nilvrt stop commands to start and stop the RT App respectively, at will. I noted that it is mandatory to reboot the cRIO after deploying the .rtexe to use the ./nilvrt start and ./nilvrt stop. However, I must avoid rebooting the cRIO (because of my customer requirements). I was trying to find a setting for this, but the only file I found related to the startup.rtexe is the /etc/natinst/share/lvrt.conf file with the token RTTarget.LaunchAppAtBoot. This key is set to True when the Run As Startup option is selected from the LabVIEW Project Explorer. I put this key in False to check if this allows me to run the RT App without rebooting the cRIO, but this did not help 😔. Is there another config file to be modified in order to support what I need to do? Is it completely necessary to reboot the cRIO to recognize the new .rtexe and use the ./nilvrt start and ./nilvrt stop commands? Thanks!
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