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Found 2 results

  1. I need to "extract" text from MS Word document (no formatting, just plain text). Unfortunately, methods that I found allow to get only conventional LabVIEW string where all national characters and symbols are lost. Each such a character is replaced with code of question mark. Is there any way to read national text from MS Word? I would be happy to get it in any format; for example as U16 array of Unicode symbols, or U8 array with two values per symbol, or any other. I would also be happy with any Word format: doc or docx. Thank you
  2. Hi, I just attempted to use LabVIEW (2014) to make a few custom JPEGs - the customization being definition of image background color and adding some text. Then I realized that the 'Draw Text at Point.vi' and relatives really does a bad job at font anti aliasing. Comparison with a simple graphics editor (zoomed in view of a very large capital G): LabVIEW 'Draw Text at Point.vi': Paint.Net: And yes, this is very noticable even for smaller text sizes. Question: Has anybody made any good graphics creation toolkits for LabVIEW, or do I have to live with these built-in anti aliasing algorithms from 1990? Bonus question: How on earth does those image VIs font point size correlate to the font size in non-LabVIEW image editors? In Paint.Net I used font size 216, while I had to use 350pt for font size with 'Draw Text at Point.vi'. In Paint.Net the image was 96 PPI, and I reckon LV does 72 DPI only (Windows 7 was set at 96 DPI with 100% scaling). So I would've expected to set the user defined font for 'Draw Text at Point.vi' at 288pt (216 * 96/72) to get the same size letter, but I had to go up to 350pt in LabVIEW to match 216pt in Paint.Net. What gives? Cheers, Steen
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