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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, What do I call programatically to get a list of all available fonts in LabVIEW please? Cheers, Alec
  2. Hi, I just attempted to use LabVIEW (2014) to make a few custom JPEGs - the customization being definition of image background color and adding some text. Then I realized that the 'Draw Text at Point.vi' and relatives really does a bad job at font anti aliasing. Comparison with a simple graphics editor (zoomed in view of a very large capital G): LabVIEW 'Draw Text at Point.vi': Paint.Net: And yes, this is very noticable even for smaller text sizes. Question: Has anybody made any good graphics creation toolkits for LabVIEW, or do I have to live with these built-in anti aliasing algorithms from 1990? Bonus question: How on earth does those image VIs font point size correlate to the font size in non-LabVIEW image editors? In Paint.Net I used font size 216, while I had to use 350pt for font size with 'Draw Text at Point.vi'. In Paint.Net the image was 96 PPI, and I reckon LV does 72 DPI only (Windows 7 was set at 96 DPI with 100% scaling). So I would've expected to set the user defined font for 'Draw Text at Point.vi' at 288pt (216 * 96/72) to get the same size letter, but I had to go up to 350pt in LabVIEW to match 216pt in Paint.Net. What gives? Cheers, Steen
  3. Hi folks, I have created an executable with LV 2011 and I have found an unexpected behaviour of my application: the VI's menu uses an unreadable font or charset. When I run the same VI from LabVIEW (i.e. the source code), I see the standard LabVIEW menu. Above you see the screenshot of panel executed from LabVIEW IDE, below you see the same VI executed in my .exe app. browsing submenus I see the strange font in every submenu. Instead, labels and captions on panel have standard font. In past, I have built other applications on the same machine, all worked fine. Have you any idea? are there special settings in build spec.? Claudio
  4. Okay since I spent a while today fighting with the font size type issues between Windows XP and Windows 7 machines I really believe in the standardization between Windows OS's. Check out the link for an idea exchange for this. http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Font-size-standardization/idi-p/1405022 In the long run this issue will vanish as the xp computers fade in to nothing but it sure would be nice if there was an easy way to manage fonts between OS's.
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