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Found 2 results

  1. Something I did not appreciate till today: If I have an LVLIB library in which I use one of its VIs, then any LVCLASS class referred to by ANY of the LVLIB’s members will be loaded into memory (along with all their dependancies). In addition, the fact that all library members show up under “dependanciesâ€, even if only a few are actual used, makes it difficult to get useful information about real dependancies. So, should I ditch the use of LVLIBs altogether as a hopelessly-flawed tool? — James Added later: Must be getting old, as I forgot that I already knew this. But the question remains of what to do about it.
  2. I cannot figure this out. I made some changes to the private data of a class that caused the various unbundle nodes to get mislinked when they tried to auto-select the right new elements, leaving several broken methods. No problem, I thought, I will revert to the previous clean copy in Source-code control (using TortoiseHg). However, whenever I reopen the class, the unbundle nodes are still mislinked and VIs are broken! I reverted the entire codebase to a week ago to be sure I had a good copy, and I rebooted the computer — still broken! All my methods, even the unbroken ones say they need to resave because “Type Definition modifiedâ€. My question is: what is modifying my “Type Definitionâ€? It can’t be any of my source code, so what can it be? Where is the change located on disk?
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