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Found 1 result

  1. I'm adding support for NTLMv2 authentication and Hashes to the Encryption Compendium for LabVIEW. I have implemented the NTLM SSP protocol in native LabVIEW (apart from one thing) and it's all working great under Windows, Now I am looking to make sure it works on the other platforms still. The "one thing" is the Ascii to UTF16 conversion since the protocol uses unicode. With the older protocols (NTLMv1 etc) that is not an issue since the negotiation can tell the server to use ASCII strings instead of Unicode. However. NTLMv2 requires unicode strings to create the hash in the specifications so there is no negotiating it away. (Note: There is no need to display anything so the bytes just need converting for calculation from a LabVIEW string to a u8 byte array representing the unicode equivalent. No changes to LabVIEW indicators or ini-files is required) Under windows, the conversion from ASCII to Unicode is via calls to the OS (kernel32.dll). So am I looking at iconv, mbsrtowcs or something else to achieve the same on Linux and Mac? .
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