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Serial ports hosed


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I have a computer right now that has been running a test sequence from CVI.

We wanted to have another program installed that runs a labview program.

The computer didnt have a DVD player so I couldn't install labview 8.6, so I installed labview 8.5 (which came on CDs) and saved the program as a previous version.

When I opened the labview program and ran the test it displayed garbage out of the com port. I made sure the baud rate and other settings were set up correctly.

Only 1 program is ran at once, so the other program is closed when the other is open.

I then went to a terminal emulator and tried it manually (while the labview and CVI program was closed) and it did the same thing. It used to work before loading & running the labview program.

I know this labview program works on other computers without the CVI on it, I even tried it on another one with the CVI program on it and it did the same thing.

The output (even though its garbage) changed format when I manually change the baud rate so it almost looks like there might be 2 programs trying to read from it. Nothing is open and the computers have been rebooted multiple times. I have even uninstalled labview and it still will not want to display manually on a terminal emulator(however the CVI program gets the right output still)....

We are unsure if what we are seeing is being caused by...

The combination of both programs.

Labview being saved to a later version.

Has anyone seen this issue or anything like this?

Thank you

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Make sure the port is closed by the application using it (CVI/Hyperterminal whatever).

Make sure to initialise the port correctly before starting communication Port#, Baud rate/stop bits etc etc.

These are most likely the causes of garbage communication; there is likely NOTHING wrong with the com port itself.

Try another com port if you have two..


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