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TCP Connection not working after application build

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Hey guys,

I have created a VI that controls a motor control device using Telnet (TCP Open, TCP Write, TCP Read, and TCP Close). The program works fine in Labview, but when I build an executable it doesn't communicate. I tried building an installer and putting the exe on another machine and the same thing happens. These machines are not running firewalls and they are on a closed network. I originally created the VI's in Labview 8.6.1 full, but it didn't have the application builder. I saved the VI for use with 8.5 and built the application from LabVIEW 8.5 Developer installed on a different PC. Any ideas as to why the TCP functions aren't working?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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You will need to keep the VI that opened the telnet session running (not just kept in memory). I had the same issue and found some threads here and on NI about it. To tired to explain why. Give me coffee.

Try it.

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