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  1. Its just ridiculous and I feel sorry for you. Is it only the manager that demands this button or are there others in the review. A requirement needs a reason to exist. If the manager anyone wants something, ask him them to make a user story of it. A Suggestion: "As a manager, I demand a stop button to close the application, because ... I'm the manager!" or "As a user of the application, I need a button named STOP to close the application, because the X is so hard to find". When you have to describe a reason for it, it will either show how ridiculous it is or a real reason for it will emerge. Anyway, you will get it documented and you can blame others for the bad design :).
  2. But we could have stayed with sexadecimal: HAL 9000 and Sexadecimal: Old School Math
  3. And also, its not silent. Creating a file or writing to a file with too long path name will give you error 6.
  4. Nice! Now make it infinite pac-man style scrolling like in that video
  5. crossposted: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Print-a-PDF-File/m-p/4158140#M1200089
  6. NXG was terminated, with a few corporate BS sentences, and NI then said they would add all the great stuff to LabVIEW in 2021(+), but nothing of that is in LV2021. I can guess that it is due to a time of turmoil until the resources can be aligned to focus on LabVIEW. But, if NI does not very clearly present the roadmap at the NI Connect event, I will be more concerned. However, I do not agree that no real developments have been made to LV in 10 years. Heck, 10 years ago we didn't even have conditional tunnels. I think the biggest new thing is interfaces, which is a crucial part of the language that has been missing. But then we also have things like channel wires, malleable VIs, and much more. But many other things about LabVIEW feel old, and that's where NXG was supposed to come in... About NI services I don't know since it has been years since I bought hardware or had anything else to do with them. I cannot see any competitor to the productivity that is possible with LabVIEW compared to any other language. And the visual representation of parallel programming. So I hope NI makes the right decisions for LabVIEW.
  7. I used to use EyeStudio some years back. It worked quite well for finding buttons, clicking, entering text, evaluating visual results. https://eyeautomate.com/eyestudio/. At the time, it was free, but now its not, and quite expensive. So I have no idea if it is worth it now or how the product has evolved. Perhaps its great now or perhaps its an old unmaintained product they are trying to sell. But I wish I had this type of product now.
  8. How could I miss that... I'm sorry for that.
  9. If you will be using a singleton, please have a look at this: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Bay-Area-LabVIEW-User-Group/LabVIEW-Design-Patterns-Mini-Series-Singleton-by-Dmitry/td-p/3527270 The NI implementation is not very good. In the zip-file in the link above, you will find some others and a ppt for a presentation that goes through some others and points out the best one.
  10. Thanks Darren, I didn't know that. Maybe because that is also not in the help.
  11. Very interesting. Error rings are so large I am tempted to put them in a sub-VI just for that reason. And if they also always should have a case structure around them... I agree that it should be documented, and I had a look in the help to see what it said and found that LV2020 displays: However, LV2019 works. Is it only me? (its only on the error ring, everything else in the help seems to work)
  12. Are you sure you really want to share the class instance? Often, really what you want to do is send messages between the loops with info of change.
  13. I know there was a discussion on the NI forum about execution highlighting with a similar issue. A VI "later" on the error wire was shown to be executed before a VI "earlier" on the wire. In reality, that probably didn't happen, but I guess the reason can be the same (probably something like what drjdpowell is saying). But, I know that it was answered in detail from someone from NI. Unfortunately I cannot for my life find the thread. I think it was some tcp/ip VIs or perhaps a save to text file involved.
  14. I want to give feedback, but its just so much. I did give feedback on 2.0 on a long list of issues on the beta forum but it was frustrating then to not know if there was any reason at all to give feedback. I don't recall even receiving anything that the feedback was received or anyone saying that they read the forum posts. I used 4.0 on a new small/tiny project but gave up since some simple things were not there yet (or who knows, maybe wont be) and I quickly had a new long list of issues but did not have time to document them, and I didn't know if there was any meaning at all in doing that. It would make it much easier for you and us if the development was more transparent so we could see per issue what is intended to work now, what will be implemented and how and the design decisions per feature. Now, this kind of information occasionally comes from different people in different channels (forums, blogs, summits, ...), which makes it easy to not know the state of NXG when you start exploring NXG x.x and thus get frustrated. If we could have access to this information we would know what to not get frustrated about and why and what you are open for feedback on, then we could help by focusing on giving feedback where it actually is helpful to you and then you wouldn't need to respond to all this frustration in different forums/channels. Yes, we all want NXG to be great, so let us help!
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