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  1. Hi Jack, thanks for your post ! At the moment I have a very robust TCP/IP send an recive model. Do you have any Informtion about what is the best packagesize for a cRIO 9104 Controller ? Regards Christian Santer
  2. Hi, thanks a lot for the interessting discussion about my topic I solved the problem with the following actions : - A Checksum in my Header to detect TCP IN Buffer overflows - When I close the connection on cRIO side I wait till the read and write function finished plus a 100 ms wait -> I found out that I lose the connection to the RIO and was not able to built up a new connection if I kill the connection during a running tcp read or write also if they are just in a timeout - I use Queues in place of rt fifo´s At the moment my APP is stable, and I hope it keep... greetz chris
  3. Hi Dean, thanks for your reply ! I have a complete Protokoll with Header and Data. The rt fifos write mode is blocking so that they don´t waste cpu power in the waiting state. Timeouts are 100 ms for the header and 10ms for the data at tcp read and 100 ms at tcp write. I have also the problem that I sometime lose my rt fifo -> Error -2206. I have a checksum in my protokoll to avoid working with damaged data, but I have no idea how to handle the lost of my rt Fifos or whats the reason for this. This behaviour is happening quite unreproducible. All tasks a running in timed loops with different priorities. I also have the possibility(condtional disable structures) to use queues, I will try if the app is more stable with queues greetz from Austria chris
  4. Hi, at the moment I am working at a Projekt where I have to transfer much Data via TCP/IP and handle them via RT-FIFO´s . So far so good. But I had a lot of Problems with the cRIO TCP functions. If I send to much Data, Data gets lost or Fifo References got lost. Maybe the cRIO TCP Buffer runs into a overflow... Does anyone here have any experince with this behaviours ?? I am stumped... System : cRIO 9014 RT Software : NI RIO 3.2.0 LabVIEW 8.6.1
  5. Hi all, thanks a lot for your answers ! I did it with IMAQ Extract and the option rectangle... greetz chris
  6. Hi, I think a simple Problem, but I can´t find a simple solution ! I have a Picture and want to trim away the frame outside my ROI. Does anyone have an idea how to handle this ? Thx a lot !!
  7. Hi Folks, I have a little problem to set up a Project with a NI EVS 1464 RT. Normaly there should be ( as told by NI-Support) a folder called embedded which should include the Embedded Vision System. But I did not have such a Folder in my Target and Devices dialog. I have Installed the following Pakages : - LabVIEW 8.6 – LabVIEW Real-Time Module 8.6 – LabVIEW Application Builder 8.6 – NI Vision Development Module 8.6.4 - NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection 3.6.1 Do anyone have an idea what I need to get this work ??? greetz Chris
  8. Hi Antoine, thanks for your answer ! Thats what I need ! greetz chris
  9. Hi Folks, today I got the brand new(now official) VI Scripting toolkit. And started to try the features. Now I have the first question and hope someone is here to help me. What I want to do : I want to generate a Formula Node is variable Inputs and Outputs and also variable Expressions inside. The Expression is no problem but the Tunnels for the In and outputs... Does anyone have an idea her how to solve this. thanks a lot chris
  10. This is also working greetz chris
  11. So what you wanna to do is to change a 2D Array to a 1D Array or ? So you have to possibilties to reshape 1. ReshapeArray.vi 2. Use to FOR-Loops with shiftregister if you want to manipulate the values (see Attachments) greetz Chris
  12. Hi BBloger, could you upload your Project, or show some Screenshots ? Is your Project running on a RT-System and a PC or on 2 PC´s ? To get Variables from one system to another system via TCPIP you should use Network shared Varaibles...
  13. Hi Markus, nice to see you here.. greetz chris
  14. Hi n00bzor, what about trying it like this way ?? greetz chris
  15. Hi folks, nice discussion here ! I´m also going to do the CLAD, and I read that a few people here allready collect some questions in a .doc ! Could you please post this file or email ?? greetz Chris
  16. Hi Scooter, do you want to do it like this way ??
  17. Hi, what about just hide the ini with the CMD vi and attrib myapp.ini +H ??? greetz chris
  18. Hi Siri, try the "Build Array" function from the Array functions ! I Think this will help you... greetz chris
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