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Active Cell and MC Listboxes and Tables

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I am working a lot with multi-column listboxes and tables lately and was wondering whether somebody new of a way to set cell colour (or other cell properties) for all 'body' cells at once.

If I use -2,-2 for ActiveCell I can set properties for all cells including row and column headers, but is there a way to select all cells except the headers?

Currently I read the properties for the headers, set the new properties for all cells, and then re-set the header properties.

Just looking for a simpler way :rolleyes:

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Unfortunately -1,-1 only selects that empty cell in the column header row right above the row header column.

It's inelegant, but if you defer panel updates and change colors using {-2,-2}, and then select row header and column header successively to set them back to previous color, you shouldn't see the screen flicker and the user will not see the difference.

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