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Rename LVOOP FP Object Labels


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This Quick Drop Plugin will rename the owning Data Member VI's LVOOP Front Panel Objects' Labels to <class name> In for the control and <class name> Out for the indicator (which is similar to what the defaults are now in LV2009).

This was one of the first things I did after the Quick Drop Plugin was released and I use it all the time, so I thought others may use it. I use it when I change the name of a Class or when I clone a VI manually.


On a Data Member VI press [Ctrl + Space] to bring up the QD Dialog then press [Ctrl + Z].

If you press [Ctrl + Shift + Z] it will update the all Data Member VIs in that Class.

I use Shift when I Save As... a Class so I don't have to do each one.


I would be interested to know if it can be optimised. It is fast when the Class Library is only open but in a Project it is quite slow when it does the entire Class.

Also the Undo Stack is supported however, when you rename across a Class (multiple VIs) it only works for the VI you QD on. Anyone know a work around?



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