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  1. Nice. Are you able to post any example code? Cheers
  2. Nothing from me but I would still love a wrapper for this functionality from NI
  3. Hi Shoneill, are you able to provide details of are planning? This code is 2012, open source, and includes a modification of the library references above (creates a wrapper around a delegate class).
  4. I changed my thinking on this a while ago too Reads can be as simple as one in and one out: LVOOP Object input, accessor-data-item output
  5. Just had code that worked in development but returned a 1502 build error (cannot Save A Bad Vi Without Its Block Diagram) Hunted it down and turned out to be a privately-scoped VI in a polymorphic API Changed to public and all good
  6. I would say the most important thing is to give it a go and find out As for me, I find it easy but more importantly fun to use! Also, I like creating an API that uses the event structure to communicate with a process and this compliments it well
  7. Ok, so its not all AppRef functions that are effected, just the one in this post That's a relief
  8. Howdy I am chuffed to be giving away an AudibleListener® 6-Month Gold Gift Membership. Sure beats reading
  9. Hi Mikael, I include all library files in my VI Server script as well, but I am insure as to what that option actually does. It seems the global settings (LabVIEW options or project options) override when a VI/ctl is added to a library (LV2012) making me think it is redundant or a bug. Do you know setting the library to separate compiled code does?
  10. That sounds like too much hard work - lol You can bulk mark VIs through the project's options or you can use VI Server and script it I tried this feature out recently and liked developing with it One thing I concluded with tho is that if I ship a tool (essentially a source code dist) I want to install compiled code with it Otherwise the tool needs to be compiled for use in its native version of LabVIEW VIPM can do this on install, or the tool can also recompile itself, but IMHO it makes for a better UX (quicker install and first launch) This was easily achieved using VI Server
  11. Hi Brian, thanks for the post But one thing I noticed recently was that LabVIEW crashes if you run the Create Child Class plugin in a class Project Window (right) as opposed to a standard Project Window (left) The reason is that LVOOP Assistant is trying to insert a class, and obviously cannot in the context of a class Project Window I have since fixed this in source by disabling the feature in the above case Additionally I have done the same for Clone Method (this was error'ing out as opposed to crashing) Is this is what you are experiencing? Otherwise do you have any more information on the crash (screen capture?) Unfortunately I do not have LabVIEW 2013 at the moment (hopefully soon) so bear with me if it is isolated to that version (hopefully not)
  12. Hi guys, thanks for your posts I have added a test build compatible with 2012 here if you are interested
  13. I have attached a test build that is compatible with 2012 It contains the LVOOP Theme Creator lava_rsc_lvoop_assistant- LabVIEW 2012
  14. I love books! So I am throwing in a $100 Amazon voucher Go get some knowledge, son Cheers to Mr Dunaway for helping with this!
  15. There is a workaround for this Yair helped me here with when I had the same problem Not saying it would fix your problem, but worth looking at Cheers
  16. Here is a link to a thread on this topic that you may like to read: http://lavag.org/topic/14759-can-i-override-private-data/
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