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  1. So glad to hear so many good news. And thanks.
  2. Hi, ShaunR, I would like to suggest you to check the Disp Query Get Service.vi. There is a wire mistake when TCPIP open. And I think that you should add a case "GETSUBSCRIBE" in Dispatcher.vi. Because there is no handler for Dispatcher Query.vi(Get Subscribers). Also should add a vi to deal with it. Thanks.
  3. I think maybe it is available in the app's config file whose extensions is *.ini or *.aliases.
  4. Did you try the lvsound2.dll in labview8.2.1? You can use it in LV2010 (maybe LV2011 works)
  5. Try to replay the lvsound2.dl with the same API at version 8.2.1. Good luck.
  6. Error occurs! LV could not find addons\_ICON Library\scripting\_icon_lib_scripting.lib.
  7. I like it. And I can see the power of OOP.
  8. huotom

    New Sub VI

    Congratulations! And I have a baby at 21th, Jan, 2010. So happay!
  9. I think it has not been fixed by the f2 patch. May be f3 or fn is OK.
  10. I accountered error when I'm using version 3.5.1. Please help me. And what's the problem? Thanks Tom
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