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Custom checked control shortcut menu

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Hi to All,

I need to create a custom shortcut menu that will become checked (or disable) when user click on it. I saw the Set Menu Item Info function in user-menu palets but I don't understand how I can use it. Can somebody tell me how I can use it?

Hi Spaghetti

Love your avatar by the way!!

Yes you will need to use those functions. Attached is an example. Run main.vi and then repeately select Custom Item from the menu to toggle its checked property. You can edit the menu by selecting Edit >> Run-Time Menu (when the VI is not running of course).


Custom Run Time Menu.zip


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Thank you for your reply but it isn't what I want to do. I need to check a custom control (right-click) shortcut menu. Controls don't have the menu ref in "shortcut menu selection (user)", I forgot to tell you that my control is a tree control.

I'm working for find the solution and may be I found it. When I'll finish my code I'll post it for share it with everybody.

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You should check and uncheck in the 'shortcut menu activation' event.

Deciding wheter a valued needs to be checked should be stored inside your application. A mnu cannot automagically remember wheter it needs to be checked.


Ton is absolutely correct :)

Attached is an example. Run it as before. The principle will be the same for your application - your app must hold the persistent data, then the menu is prepared on the filter event. The menu does not hold the data.

Custom Run Time Menu Control.zip


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