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[Discuss] UML2LV State Machin Compiler

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Name: UML2LV State Machin Compiler

Submitter: Black Pearl

Submitted: 30 Dec 2009

File Updated: 03 Jan 2011

Category: *Uncertified*

LabVIEW Version: 7.1

License Type: BSD (Most common)

This is a toolkit to convert a state diagram designed with the editor dia into a LabVIEW state machine.

Warning: This uses Scripting: So be aware of dragons, black holes, rusty nails and other monsters. I've only tested it in LV 7.1., got a crash every 2 hours... Bugs and workarounds in newer LV versions welcomed.

Crashes in 8.5. Found the CAR (# 4CJFKTCS)). Edit: Fixed in V 1.0.1

Basic Operation


Create an uml Chart in Dia (it is OpenSource too).

Compile it into a LabVIEW state machine (this will generate an enum based state machine with .vi and States.ctl for the TypeDefed Enum).

Code the States.

Getting started


* You will need to have several OpenG packages installed. Dependencies: appcontrol, file, variantconfig. In order to install these, you need to get the VI package manager from:


* For users of LV 7.x you need to get the TRefTraverse.llb from NI:


From 8.0 onward they are located under vi.lib\utility

Propably you need to fix the linking from the main vi

* You will need to download Dia:




* In the Folder LV Scripting you will find the template 'State Machine Prototype Template.vit'. You can modify this within limits to change the state machine that will be generated.

* There is a lot of Documentation with the Code: Check out the documentation folder with the 'Tree VIs' and the uml diagrams (they are surprisingly also made with dia)

* If you have questions, ideas or found a bug, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can do so via PM on LavaG or via my private email on the BD of the About.vi

V 1.0.1:

* Fixed a bug in error handling (Error Handler Close.vi)

* Workaround for the 8.5 crash

* Support for changed Name of CaseSelect

* Started to add support for StarUML

Happy New Year

Click here to download this file

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Roadmap (unsorted):

* Extending the set of verification plugins

* Loading/Parsing for StarUML/XMI

* Creation of String based State Machines

* Make it available for newer LV versions (see this scripting question)

* Handling of orthogonal states

* Converting Notes to Comments on BD

* Converting Transition Events/Guards to whatever

* Write an easy tutorial


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  • 11 months later...

I looked through this tool. Looks interesting, but very similar to the state-chart module. I tried to use the "Replace - no attributes" method, but, it always failed for me in LV8.6. Replacing to "Replace" and the "Params" disappeared, but everything worked after that. Learning how it parses Dia took some experimented, but, worked great when I got used to it. It is definitely pretty quick, and that is one point against the state-chart module.:thumbup1:

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