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New product range launched, 16 chan relay card + 8DIO

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Greetings LV community,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product family.

A new card offering 16 relays (rated at 240VAC/10A) + 8 DIO channels with 5 different interface/comms options. Onboard links allow 8 of the relays to be configured as either relays or DIO channels – for example, 12 relays and 12 DIO channels. DIO channels are logic level & capable of sourcing 20mA per channel.

Software compatible with our existing range of USB & Serial cards – if you have already used our products, your code can easily be ported to this product.

The card is offered with 5 different interface options:

1) USB – option of USB powered or external PSU to power relays

2) LAN/Network/Ethernet – uses the XPort module which offers integrated web & email server – can be configured to send email from external DIO pin events

3) Wireless – uses the XBeePro module – it has a range of 100Metres (LOS)

4) Serial – RS232 comms

5) Web/Internet – uses the Serial version via an IOBridge interface module

Find out more here:



Chris Harden

Product Design & Tech Support.

We design & supply low cost USB, LAN, Wireless, Internet & Serial Port Relay/DIO Cards, Automation & Control, Data Acquisition & NIDAQ compatible hardware products.



We have many connections - have you connected yet? Connect with us in 2010.....


Like our products - need a custom design? Talk to us, we may be able to help....

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