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  1. Hi, Apologies for my late reply! There was no notification of the most recent post. Our product is a functioning signal relay board equipped with various interfaces. It can be ordered with different combinations of interfaces- allowing the buyer to select from a possible 16 combinations when they order. It has 8 wide input logic channels which can be used to gather information and signals. Many relay board manufacturers offer little choice in interfaces. Having a board which can handle interfaces from various pieces of equipment or control devices is really useful. This is not an adapter
  2. Hi, I've attached the datasheet here for you. It'll be uploaded to our website soon. The I2C and SPI are for direct processor comms ie: arduino, Pi etc and does not work with a PC COM port. The USB version however, does look like a serial COM port. Hope this helpful. Contact us anytime for more info. Thanks, Lisa EasyDAQ Data Sheet 56 (USB-RS232-I2C-SPI-8VI8SRMx-2).pdf
  3. In the fully loaded state this signal relay board boasts USB, I2C, SPI and RS232 communications. It is currently selling for £120 +VAT (USB-RS232-I2C-SPI-8VI8SRMx-2) EasyDAQ are also producing variations : USB only version, I2C- SPI only version, RS232 only version. Any of the configurations can be supplied without onboard power supply or without relay opto-isolation. This means there are a possible 16 variations available to customers. EasyDAQ offer optional bespoke software. There are 8 opto-isolated, 120V, 3A signal relays and 8 3V to 60V, AC/DC, opto-isolated voltage sensin
  4. EasyDaq Launches New Sequencing Start Relay Card As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention” this product came from a need to power up six 200W power supplies on a machine without over loading the mains supply on start-up. Switching on the power supplies one at a time overcame the problem. SEQ8 Relay cards for large power supply start up sequencing. On power up, the 8 Opto-isolated relays are sequentially enabled by a dedicated processor at 1-second intervals. The relays remain energised until the power is removed. The ind
  5. Greetings LV community, We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product family. A new card offering 16 relays (rated at 240VAC/10A) + 8 DIO channels with 5 different interface/comms options. Onboard links allow 8 of the relays to be configured as either relays or DIO channels – for example, 12 relays and 12 DIO channels. DIO channels are logic level & capable of sourcing 20mA per channel. Software compatible with our existing range of USB & Serial cards – if you have already used our products, your code can easily be ported to this product. The card is offered with 5 diff
  6. EasyDAQ are pleased to announce the launch of a new, low cost, general purpose, 16 channel data acquisition module, the DAQPodMx. This product offers the following features: 1) 8 or 16 FIO channels 2) Each FIO channel can be configured as either analogue voltage input or digital I/O 2) 2 DAC channels 3) 8 opto-isolated relays available (relays + PCB tracking rated 240VAC@10A) 4) Analogue input voltage range +10V to -10V DC (on the four HV channels) 5) Onboard ambient temperature sensor 6) Screw terminal and header connector access to all DAQ signals 7) Choice of fixed or 2 part (ma
  7. EasyDAQ are pleased to announce the launch today of a new, low cost, general purpose, 8 channel wireless (XBee/RF) relay card and USB connected transceiver pair. (From $200/€147/£140). This product offers the following: · XBee transceivers provide a 'transparent' RF connection with a secure and rugged transmission protocol · Range of greater than 100 meters (*line of sight). Works through typical internal walls and ceilings etc. · USB connected/powered XBee transceiver module is a ruggedized design & housed in a small, fully potted, plastic case · Wo
  8. QUOTE(rtn1 @ Feb 8 2008, 03:31 AM) Hi, In general, switching or relays is a relatively slow process. Typical switching time (before the contacts stabilise and stop 'bouncing) is usually 10's of milliseconds. If you just want to control connection of your signal source to a PWM measuremnt device, try the signal relay version of this device: http://www.easydaq.biz/PagesUSB/USB4PRSRMx.htm Regards, Chris Harden We design & supply low cost USB & Serial Port Relay Cards, Automation & Control, Data Acquisition & NIDAQ compatible hardware products. www.easydaq.biz
  9. Greetings Worldwide LV community, We are pleased to announce the launch today of a new, low cost, general purpose, USB 24 channel relay card. This card uses simple ASCII/text commands to initialise and control it. Designed to switch either 120/240VAC @ 10 amps, or high sensitivity analogue/digital signals via gold contact signal relays (30V DC@ 1 amp). We now offer 4, 8, 24 and 48/98 channel USB powered relay card options – all our USB relay cards are code compatible, therefore if you have previously used one of our products, you can easily port your code to another in the range. LabVIE
  10. Hi Guys, New to LabVIEW and asking 'how the heck do I do that', or battle weary, front line performers asking 'how the heck did I do that'? Either way, these new products from EasyDAQ may be of interest….. We are pleased to announce the launch today of two new products: A new, low cost, USB connected, 4 channel relay card + 4 DIO channels – from $78/€55/£38 (inc free worldwide shipping). A new, general purpose 8 channel, opto-isolated relay card that can be connected to your own hardware or spare DIO channels – from $85/€62/£42.50 (inc free worldwide shipping). All USB products are
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