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A Hot key utility that brings timestamp into clipboard


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Hi Guys,

I do not have this utility, unfortunately!

But Im sure it can be found or made here!

From the perspective of a single developer making changes to hiw own code without (the luxury of) source code control it would nevertheless be nice to have a tool allowing a hotkey to quickly insert timestamp string into windows clipboard, all ready to be pasted into a block diagram comment.

Does LabVIEW already has this capability?

Any API facade VI out there allow to write to the windows clipboard programatically?

Example during development, F12 key when pressed would place a nicely formatted time stamp string into the windows clipboard all ready to be pasted on to the block diagram. That would be a great little tool!

LV 8.5.1

LV 8.61

LV 2009

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Seeing that you have LV2009, you can create your own Quick Drop keyboard shortcut.  I don't have 2009 right now, nor have I ever done this, but I expect it'd be easy to accomplish.  Here's a  blog post with details.

The VI would be very simple.


As crelf said, a JKI RCF plug-in would be easy, but that's not a hot-key. 

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Don't forget that there is already a method to add comments to a VI that include a timestamp; its called 'Revision History'. Simply press 'Ctrl-y'. :thumbup1:

There is a whole category in the LabVIEW options to customize the behavior of this feature. I seem to recall that there was a question on the NI forums at one point about doing away with this function, but I don't recall ever hearing that Rev History would be indeed removed.

Found it:


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Here is an implementation using F12 as a hot key.

The input data VIs are used instead of the key down event in the event structure when using hot keys in programs designed to run in the background so the key will be captured even when the program is minimized or hidden. The event method only works when the key is pressed when the front panel is active.

copy date time to clipboard.vi


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