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Tcl Interpreter for LabVIEW

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I know that Test Stand supports Tcl scripts, but I have a need for using the capabilities of Tcl with LabVIEW.

For example, for a test system I am currently working on, I would like to control the entire application with LabVIEW, use Tcl for script-driven control and monitoring of NI PXI DAQ.

It would be nice to have a Tcl Interpreter library for LabVIEW, just like how there is a MatLAB, Hi-Q and even the formula node.

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There is LuaVIEW (http://www.citengineering.com/LuaVIEW/index.html) if you need a scripting language (Lua) but do not need TCL in particular.

Note that when tying a scripting language to LabVIEW, a diagram node containing code is the last thing you'd want to use for specifying scripts: such code cannot be changed once your application is running. That defeats half the point of using an interpreter or a compiler/VM pair (the other half being control over execution).

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I was involved in a telescope control project that used Tcl heavily. Mostly we just used Call Library nodes and passed the items back and forth between Tcl/Tk and LabVIEW. It was reasonably fast and very reliable after the kinks were worked out.

Hi Mike,

Can you describe how did you do it , like how on using call function node to pass data back & forth between tcl and LV. I am currently stuck here.

I would appreciate your help and if you could give a small ex , will be nice,



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