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Bug? in LV 7.1: Key focus and Tab control

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When a Tab control is set using a local variable or property node the front panel object in focus looses focus.

The attached code shows the problem. When executed using LV 7.0 everything works fine. When executed using LV 7.1 the listbox looses focus. (See Instructions on front panel)

I have just mass compiled some LV 7.0 code for LV 7.1. This code uses a listbox and a Tab control (each line in the list box select a different tab for showing parameters related to the line in the list box). When I use the up/down arrows in the list box the list box looses focus when I change the Tab control and up/down no longer works.

Code is working fine in LV 7.0 and I am trying to figure out what is wrong or to find a solution. I think that setting a Tab control using a local variable or property node is quite common so maybe some of you using the new LV 7.1 have experienced the same behaviour.

Any ideas to solve this problem is very welcome. (Yes - I have tried to set focus back to the listbox using a property node but it only works if there is some delay of unspecified length between the two operations??!! The list box "blinks" each time it gets/looses focus which does not look very good).

Thanks in advance.

Henrik Molsen

microLEX Systems

Download File:post-45-1084512390.vi

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