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Regular expressions and case structures?

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Does anybody know if there is a way to select a case using regular expressions instead of exact strings or ranges?

What I want to be able to do is the following:

Say I have some strings like this:





What I want to do is have a case structure with 2 cases... "FOO" and "HELLO". If I wire any of the above strings to the case, I want it to select the case that matches the string segment before the whitespace, regardless of what's after the whitespace.

Now the kicker... I would like to do it without using "Match Pattern" or any other extra VIs.

I tried entering regular-expression-type values into the case structure, and got a non-unique case error. Is there a regular expression-type syntax that can be entered to accomplish this? I've already tried using "..." as explained in LabVIEW Help, and it appears I can only use it in one case, or I'm using it wrong.

If LabVIEW doesn't support regular expressions in their case structures... perhaps they should consider it for future versions?

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