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Dynamic reference w/ compiled program

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I'm having one heck of a time getting the reference for a daemon I've launched w/ an built program. I have a serial card w/ 8 ports and instead of making 8 separate VIs which do the same thing, I made a single VIT, launch them as clones and change the VI Name. Changin the VI name doesn't work with a compiled program, I get an error returned. The best way I can think of is to change the FP Title Property and do the following:


As opposed to changing the VI Name Property in an uncompiled version and doing the following:


There has to be a better way to control dynamic VIs w/ a compiled program, anyone have any ideas?

Tthanks for your time.

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One thing that works is to create the source VI as a re-entrant VI (instead of VIT) and launch it with the 0x8 flag set in the Open VI Reference function. Then, each copy gets spawned as a unique instance. You can track the instances by unique ref num or use the CloneName property for the spawned VI. I use the clone name to create named queues that I then use to collect/send data from all of the spawned instances running in their own threads. This is similar to what you're doing except LabVIEW names the clones instead of you and this does work in the run time.


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