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  1. I took the CLA-R back in March when it was offered during the CLA summit and scored a 67% (missed by 1 question). I didn't really have any prep for it seeing as it was free and I really had no expectations. Smash-cut to the last few months, my certification has lapsed and I need to get my re-certification done so I can maintain my CLA status. I did the prep exams and noted some no-so-insignificant concerns regarding question validity, wording, etc in the NI forums. Understood everything from the one practice exam that existed (even though it was lacking), did a fair amount of studying on a
  2. I guess the idea with my example is that the reference is "owned" by the first clone created. The reason that I'm not keeping it initialized in the launcher is that I'm not exactly sure how the launcher is going to be used at this point.
  3. I thought that I was only getting a new event on the first call hence why the dialog only comes up with "HI" on the first call. That was my fancy test to make sure it was only getting initialized once.
  4. I'm trying to create some monitoring software that can monitor 20-30 clones. Each clone does the reading and tracking of a particular unit. I have a central VI that should launch and kill the various clones. I know it's nothing that hasn't been done before and it seems simple enough, but I've been having problems with "Error Code 1: Generate User Event in (name of VI)" which apparently means the Event isn't firing properly. I'm not seeing the error in this set of VIs though, which is good and bad because a) it works but b) I don't know what the problem is when it doesn't. I'm fairly positive
  5. I guess ideally I would like to use the class control rather than having to deal with the extra layer of a sub panel.
  6. Topic may be a little vague, but what I'm trying to accomplish is create a class of type "UUT". Each UUT will interact with different Analog, Discrete, etc. cards differently. Let's say the physical Unit 1 has 2 dials, each controlling voltages which I'm trying to change. Unit 2 has a dial and a push-button. Note: My real application will be somewhat more complex but along the same lines. I've created UUT 1 and UUT 2 classes as children to UUT. What I'm trying to do is dynamically load the front panel representation of each UUT. I've come up with a semi roundabout way of doing it, but it does
  7. No, you are correct. It was a 2 part question. 1) LabVIEW dev env. menus. Check and 2) Project Explorer context menus. Uncheck
  8. I think that was before the right-click framework was available from JKI. Also 2010 doesn't have this feature AFAIK.
  9. There's also this http://decibel.ni.co...t/docs/DOC-8496 Edit: stupid fonts Fran├žois, Ah, sorry, didn't see your second quote. I guess I'm still looking for that, I figured one would lead to the other, but I don't think that's the case. I was looking to integrate a dev tool into the project explorer when you right-click on a VI.
  10. Alright, I figured it out if anyone is interested. You just have to create a VI, "Action.vi" and a text file "Action.txt" and drop it in the "project" folder if you want it put there. The display of the menu item is just the contents of the txt file. If you want to create a sub-menu, just create a folder and follow the same directions as above.
  11. I've seen this. In fact, I've gone so far as to put my registry export AND the entire C:\program files\NI folder under source control, install updates and then check for changes, no luck. It has to be possible.
  12. The RCF had to be built somehow. But, more-so, I'm looking more for a way to interact with the LabVIEW menus; right-click was the way to bring up the menu.
  13. Hey guys, I'm trying to make some modifications to the project explorer menu items, specifically when you right-click on an item (e.g. Right-click -> Make VI a Template, bad example but you get the picture). Is there a way to modify these (and other) menu items in LabVIEW; and more importantly that modify, make them usable? Thanks, Adam
  14. I'm looking at coding an application which needs to run with two different ARINC hardware types (CEI-715 & CEI-620 if you're playing along at home) with two different drivers, but the same functionality. I'm stuck at the best way to accomplish this and I have to imagine that this isn't as uncommon as one would think. Thanks
  15. I'm having one heck of a time getting the reference for a daemon I've launched w/ an built program. I have a serial card w/ 8 ports and instead of making 8 separate VIs which do the same thing, I made a single VIT, launch them as clones and change the VI Name. Changin the VI name doesn't work with a compiled program, I get an error returned. The best way I can think of is to change the FP Title Property and do the following: As opposed to changing the VI Name Property in an uncompiled version and doing the following: There has to be a better way to control dynamic VIs w/ a compiled progr
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